Arkansas Lost Drivers License

Arkansas Lost Drivers License: How To Replace With A Duplicate?

by Samuel Gitukui

How to Replace a Lost Arkansas Driver’s License

If you have lost your Arkansas drivers license, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. Driving without a valid license can result in fines and other penalties. Fortunately, the process of replacing a stolen or lost Arkansas drivers license is relatively straightforward.

To begin the process of replacing your lost Arkansas drivers license, you will need to visit your local Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). You will need to bring two forms of identification with you when visiting the OMV office; these must include one primary form and one secondary form.

Acceptable primary forms include an unexpired passport or birth certificate; acceptable secondary forms include Social Security cards, credit cards, or utility bills that are no more than three months old.

Once at the OMV office, you will be required to fill out an application for a duplicate driver’s license and pay any applicable fees associated with obtaining a new card. After submitting all necessary documents and payment information, you should receive your new card within 10-14 business days via mail delivery from the state Department of Finance & Administration (DFA).

It is important to note that if your address has changed since receiving your last driver’s license card then it must be updated before applying for a replacement card; this can be done online through DFA’s website or by visiting any OMV office in person.

Additionally, if there are any changes needed on the face of your new card such as name changes due to marriage/divorce then those must also be completed prior to submitting an application for replacement at an OMV location.

Finally, please keep in mind that if you have recently renewed or replaced another type of ID such as a passport then this may affect how quickly you receive your new Arkansas Driver’s License Card so plan accordingly.

What to Do if You Lose Your Arkansas Driver’s License

If you have lost your Arkansas driver’s license, it is important to take the necessary steps to replace it as soon as possible. The following outlines the process for replacing a lost or stolen Arkansas driver’s license.

1. Contact the local police department and file a report if your license was stolen. This will help protect you from identity theft and other fraudulent activities that may occur with a missing drivers license.

2. Visit an Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) location in person to apply for a replacement drivers license or identification card (ID). You will need to bring proof of identity such as an original birth certificate, passport, or Social Security card; two proofs of residency such as utility bills, bank statements, or pay stubs; and payment for the applicable fee ($10).

3. If you are unable to visit an OMV office in person due to extenuating circumstances such as illness or disability, contact your local OMV office by phone at 501-682-4692 for assistance with obtaining a replacement ID card by mail instead of in person at an OMV location.

4. Once all required documents have been submitted and approved by the OMV staff member processing your application, you will receive either a temporary paper ID card valid until your permanent one arrives in the mail within 10 business days,or be issued one onsite depending on which option is available at that particular office.

5. After receiving your new ID, make sure all information is correct before signing it. If any information needs correction, contact the nearest OMV office immediately so they can update their records accordingly.

Understanding the Requirements for Obtaining an Arkansas Replacement Driver’s License

If you need to obtain a replacement drivers license in the state of Arkansas, there are certain requirements that must be met. This article will provide an overview of what is required and how to go about obtaining a new license.

  1. First, you must be an Arkansas resident with a valid Social Security number. You will also need to provide proof of identity such as your birth certificate or passport, two documents showing proof of residency such as utility bills or bank statements, and payment for the applicable fee.
  2. Once all necessary documents have been gathered and fees paid, you can apply for your replacement drivers license at any local office of the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration (DFA). When applying in person at one of these offices, it is important to bring all required documentation with you so that it can be verified by DFA staff before processing your application.
  3. When applying online through the DFA website, applicants should make sure they have scanned copies or digital photos ready for uploading along with their application forms. It is also important to note that when submitting an online application for a replacement drivers license in Arkansas there may be additional requirements depending on whether or not the applicant has previously held an out-of-state driver’s license within six months prior to submitting their request.
  4. Once all necessary information has been provided and accepted by DFA staff members processing applications either online or in person at one of their offices across the state; applicants should expect delivery timeframes ranging from three weeks up until six weeks depending on current workload levels within each office location throughout Arkansas. Upon receipt, applicants should review their new licenses carefully before signing them as any errors found after signing may require another round through this process.

In conclusion, obtaining a replacement driver’s license in Arkansas requires meeting certain criteria including being an Arkansan resident, providing valid identification documents, paying applicable fees, and completing either online forms or visiting local offices. After submission, delivery times vary but typically range between three weeks up until six weeks.

Tips for Keeping Track of Your Arkansas Driver’s License

1. Make sure to keep your drivers license in a safe place. It is important to store it in a secure location, such as a wallet or purse so that it does not get lost or stolen.

2. If you move, make sure to update your address with the Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This will ensure that any correspondence from the DMV regarding your drivers license is sent to the correct address and can be received promptly.

3. Check for expiration dates on your drivers license regularly and renew it before it expires if necessary. You can do this online through the Arkansas DMV website or by visiting an office in person if needed.

4. Keep track of any changes made to your drivers license information over time, such as name changes due to marriage or other reasons so that you have accurate records on file with the DMV at all times.

5. If you ever lose or misplace your driver’s license, contact the Arkansas DMV immediately. They will be able to provide assistance in replacing it quickly and easily.

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Exploring the Different Types of Identification Needed to Replace a Lost Arkansas Drivers License

If you have lost your Arkansas driver’s license, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. In order to do so, you will need to provide certain forms of identification. This article will explain the different types of identification needed in order to replace a lost Arkansas driver’s license.

  1. The first type of identification required is proof of identity. This can be provided by presenting a valid passport or birth certificate issued by the state or federal government. You may also present an unexpired foreign passport with a valid visa and I-94 form, or an unexpired Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).
  2. The second type of identification needed is proof that you are legally allowed to be in the United States. This can be provided by presenting either an unexpired U.S. military ID card, Unexpired Employment Authorization Document (EAD), Certificate of Naturalization (N-550/N-570), or Certificate of Citizenship (N-560/N-561).
  3. The third type of identification required is proof that you are currently living in Arkansas and have been for at least 30 days prior to applying for your replacement drivers license. Examples include utility bills such as electric bills, water bills, gas bills, etc., bank statements from within the last 60 days showing your current address; rental agreements; mortgage documents; pay stubs from within the last 60 days showing your current address; vehicle registration documents; voter registration cards, etc.
  4. Finally, if applicable, applicants must also provide two proofs that they are authorized under federal law to drive on public roads in Arkansas such as Social Security cards and immigration documents like visas and green cards if they were not born in this country but live here legally now.

In conclusion, replacing a lost Arkansas drivers license requires providing several forms of documentation including proof identity, legal status, residency, and authorization.

It is important for applicants to understand what types of documentation they need before applying for their replacement drivers licenses.

The Benefits of Applying Online for an Arkansas Replacement Drivers License

Applying for an Arkansas replacement drivers license online is a convenient and efficient way to obtain a new license. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) offers this service, which allows individuals to apply for their replacement drivers license from the comfort of their own homes. This article will discuss the benefits of applying online for an Arkansas replacement drivers license.

  1. One major benefit of applying online is that it saves time. Instead of having to go into a DFA office in person, applicants can complete the entire process from home or any other location with internet access. This eliminates long wait times at the DMV and makes it easier to fit into busy schedules. Additionally, applicants can save money by avoiding travel costs associated with visiting a DFA office in person.
  2. Another advantage is that applying online provides more flexibility when submitting documents required as part of the application process such as proof-of-identity documents or payment information like credit card numbers or bank account details. Applicants are able to upload these documents directly through secure servers instead of having to mail them in or bring them into an office in person, making it much easier and faster than traditional methods used before this service was available online.
  3. Finally, applying for an Arkansas replacement drivers license online also helps protect personal information since all data submitted through this system is encrypted using industry-standard security protocols designed specifically for protecting sensitive data like financial information and identity documents from unauthorized access or misuse by third parties who may be trying to gain access without permission. This ensures that all personal data remains safe throughout the entire application process so applicants can rest assured knowing their private information will remain secure while they apply for their new drivers licenses.

In conclusion, there are many benefits associated with applying for an Arkansas replacement drivers license online including saving time, and money, providing more flexibility when submitting required documentation, and protecting personal information.

For these reasons, anyone looking to replace their lost or stolen driver’s licenses should consider taking advantage of this convenient service offered by DFA.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a New or Replaced Drivers Licence in Arkansas?

In the state of Arkansas, it typically takes between 10 and 14 business days to receive a new or replaced driver’s license. The exact time frame may vary depending on the volume of applications being processed by the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

It is important to note that if you are applying for a duplicate license due to a name change, address change, or other changes in personal information, additional processing time may be required. Additionally, if you have recently moved from another state and need an out-of-state transfer, the additional processing time will also be necessary.

If your application is approved by the DFA and all necessary documents have been submitted correctly with your application form, you should expect to receive your new or replacement driver’s license within 10-14 business days.

If more than two weeks have passed since submitting your application without receiving any notification from the DFA regarding the status or delivery date for your new/replacement driver’s license card then it is recommended that you contact them directly for further assistance.

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without a Valid Drivers Licence in Arkansas?

Driving without a valid driver’s license in Arkansas is a criminal offense (as is the case with a lost Arkansas drivers license). Depending on the circumstances, it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

If convicted of driving without a valid license, an individual may face fines up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment for up to one year. Additionally, the court may suspend or revoke the individual’s driving privileges for up to six months.

In some cases, individuals who are caught driving without a valid license may be required to attend traffic school and/or complete community service hours as part of their sentence.

Furthermore, if an individual is found guilty of multiple offenses related to operating a vehicle without proper licensing within five years of each other they will face harsher penalties including increased fines and longer jail sentences.


Here are some popular FAQs concerning a lost Arkansas drivers license:

1. How do I replace a lost or stolen Arkansas driver’s license?

You can replace your lost or stolen Arkansas driver’s license by visiting your local Revenue Office and completing the necessary paperwork. You will need to provide proof of identity, such as a birth certificate, passport, or Social Security card. You may also be required to pay a fee for the replacement license.

2. What documents do I need to bring with me when replacing my Arkansas driver’s license?

When replacing your Arkansas drivers license you will need to bring proof of identity such as a birth certificate, passport, Social Security card, and two proofs of residency in the state of Arkansas (utility bill/lease agreement). Additionally, you may be asked for additional documentation depending on why you are replacing it (i.e., name change).

3. Is there an online option for replacing my lost or stolen Arkansas driver’s license?

No, at this time there is no online option available for replacing an Arkansas Driver’s License that has been lost or stolen; however, some counties offer kiosks where you can complete the process without having to visit an office in person if they are available in your area.

4. How much does it cost to replace my lost or stolen drivers’ licenses in AR?

The cost varies depending on what type of replacement is needed but generally ranges from $10-$20 dollars plus any applicable taxes and fees associated with obtaining a new one from the DMV office where it was issued originally.

5. Can I get an extension on renewing my expired drivers’ licenses due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes. The State Of AR has extended all expiring drivers’ licenses until June 30th, 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions so that individuals have more time during these uncertain times without having their driving privileges suspended due to lack of renewal before the expiration date passes.

6. Do I have any other options besides going into an office if I want/need help with getting my new drivers’ licenses replaced quickly?

Yes. If you cannot make it into one of our offices then we suggest utilizing our online services which allow customers access 24 hours 7 days a week including weekends & holidays so they can take care of their needs quickly & conveniently from home.

7. Are there any special requirements when applying for a duplicate copy after losing mine?

Yes. When applying for duplicate copies after losing yours, you must provide two forms of valid identification along with proof of residence within state lines before being able to process the request successfully. This includes providing a valid photo ID, social security number, current address, etc.

8. What should I do if someone finds my old drivers’ licenses and tries using it fraudulently?

If someone finds your old Drivers License and attempts to use fraudulently then contact local law enforcement immediately and report the incident. It is important to take action right away to prevent further misuse of information contained within the document.

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