Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage: Min-Maxing Your MPGs

by Taufiq Haque

With rising gas prices in the US, everyone is looking forward to fuel efficiency. No more excess diesel or gasoline burning. We all want to save as much fuel as possible on our daily commuting. As a result, having a fuel-efficient vehicle, like a midsize SUV with best gas mileage, is on top of everyone’s list at the moment. Contrary to this, SUVs consume a significant amount of fuel. Additionally, it is hard for an SUV lover to leave their vehicle immobile in the garage collecting dust. Everyone loves a good midsize SUV.

The best method to tackle the rising gas price would be to switch to hybrid SUVs. You may want to check out a midsize SUV for stunning results. We have prepared a list of the best midsize SUV with the best gas mileage to help you achieve fuel efficiency. In addition, we have also discussed some crucial things that you should know about SUVs and mileage.

What Is Good Mileage For A Midsize SUV

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage

Before diving deep into the best midsize SUV with the best gas mileage, let us introduce you to some crucial topics you should know about.


What is the mileage? Mileage refers to the miles a vehicle can run with one gallon of fuel. You can count mileage by using the liter unit of gas. However, most US car companies measure a vehicle’s mileage by the gallon. Thus the unit of vehicle mileage in the US is mpg.

The higher the number of mpg, the better the vehicle’s mileage. That also suggests that the vehicle is fuel efficient. So when a car has 55 mpg, the vehicle will run 55 miles using one gallon of fuel.

If you compare that 55 mpg vehicle with a 40 mpg vehicle, the 55 mpg vehicle will yield better fuel efficiency because it can run 15 miles more than the 40 mpg one. So you should get a car with a higher mpg score to achieve better fuel efficiency.

Now that we have a clearer idea about the mileage let us take a closer look at it. However, this time in relation to SUVs and how they can affect the mileage of your vehicle.


SUVs are heavier than other civilian vehicles. They are taller and have more cabin space inside. In addition, they require a heavy, big engine to move. Because of their substantial weight, they need to consume more fuel than other vehicles to run the same distance.

In addition, there is air resistance. No matter how curved an SUV is, it must face more air resistance than sedans. Thus, it is pretty challenging to increase the mileage of SUVs.

Because of these reasons, the mpg rating on SUVs is lower than on most sedans.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage

Average Mileage For An SUV

The general rule for good mileage is to get at least 23 mpg. You can also apply this rule to SUVs. Used or new, the SUVs should run at least 23 miles per gallon. However, the recorded average of all SUVs combined is much more than that.

Engineers are working hard to make SUVs fuel efficient, and there are some fantastic fuel-efficient SUVs. The total combined average mpg for SUVs in the last 20 years is 55.5 mpg. But that number has bumped up to 60.9 mpg this year.

It is considered an impressive feat of vehicle engineering. But only a handful of SUVs can provide this result, mostly electric SUVs from brands like Tesla and Rivian. For gasoline and hybrid engine SUVs, you should aim for an mpg between 23 to 40.

Hybrid SUVs Provide Better Mileage

When discussing SUVs with good mileage, you have to consider hybrid SUVs. You should look for midsize SUVs with hybrid engines to get an advantage in fuel economy. The hybrid engine vehicles provide better mpg with their impressive combination of combustion engines and electric motors.

Do not mistake them for electric vehicles because of their electric motors. A battery pack runs the electric motors. But the battery pack is charged by regenerative braking and the rotating force of the combustion engine.

The electrical components of the hybrid engine will take over when needed. They can provide better mileage in urban driving. Urban driving requires you to accelerate and stop frequently. This requirement can consume a lot of fuel for the engine to run.

This problem does not happen in hybrid engines. The electrical components of the hybrid engines will take over in such scenarios. Thus hybrid engines burn less fuel and provide better mileage than traditional gasoline engines.

Midsize SUV With The Best Gas Mileage

You might still be confused as to which midsize SUVs have the best gas mileage. Do not worry! For this reason, we prepared a list of the best midsize SUV with the best gas mileage on the market. The SUVs in this list consist of hybrid engines. Have a look.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #1: Toyota Venza Hybrid

Toyota is your go-to brand for looking for the best midsize SUV with the best gas mileage. They may not have the best cars in the market for speed and power. But when it comes to fuel efficiency, Toyota dominates the competition with its incredible engineering. The Toyota Venza Hybrid is one example of its many engineering successes.

The Toyota Venza Hybrid is a luxurious midsize SUV with a relatively expensive price tag. But this price tag is well-justified by its features, functionality, and fuel economy. Furthermore, the model is a 5-seater vehicle. The cabin has lots of room for five people to sit comfortably and enjoy the trip and has all kinds of luxurious features and safety.

The vehicle has a 2.5L I4 hybrid engine. Thus this engine dominates the fuel economy with its impressive 37-40 mpg. There was a limited-time AWD version of the Toyota Venza Hybrid. What’s remarkable about that was that it still delivered the 40 mpg performance with all those AWD-heavy types of machinery. The Toyota Venza Hybrid is the top performer in our list of midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #2: Toyota Highlander

Here is another Toyota midsize SUV in our list of best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage. This model is a similar-looking vehicle to the Toyota Venza, but some internal differences exist.

Their Toyota Highlander is one of their best gas mileage vehicles. As a result, this midsize SUV gives you a lucrative all-rounder package that dominates the fuel economy. The Toyota Highlander offers a stylish-looking vehicle with great functionality.

Not to mention the 7-seat roomy cabin design of the car. This great cabin design lets your family sit in comfort and enjoy long-distance trips.

This vehicle offers excellent fuel efficiency with its 27 mpg on the highway, perfect for long-distance trips. In urban driving, this fuel efficiency comes down to 20 mpg. The efficiency may sound a little low for a hybrid vehicle. But the Toyota Highlander is equipped with an all-wheel drive mechanism. Furthermore, this mechanism adds weight to the car. Thus it needs to burn more fuel to move.

Considering this vehicle’s heavyweight and functionality, 20-27 mpg is excellent mileage.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #3: Ford Explorer

If you are a Ford fan, here is a fuel-efficient Ford midsize SUV. The Ford Explorer. It is one of Ford’s best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage. Although the mileage of this vehicle is almost half of Toyota Venza’s, it still stands out in the competition.

The mileage of this vehicle is 21 mpg in urban driving. This number boosts to 28 mpg while driving it on the highway.

The Ford Explorer may not have the best mileage rating, but it delivers highly on other departments. The model is a 6-seater, which is pretty big for a midsize SUV. The cabin’s interior also has leather seats and luxurious digital multimedia.

The engine that the Ford Explorer uses is a 2.3L I4 Turbo engine, and it is a rear-wheel drive SUV. Despite not having the heavy AWD mechanics, the Ford Explorer performs well against the Toyota Venza Hybrid. But the Ford Explorer has various equipment options and ample cargo space for extra luggage.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #4: Honda Pilot

One of Japan’s top vehicle manufacturing companies, Honda, has also made a mark in the fuel economy for SUVs. Although this midsize SUV is on our list of best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage, the Honda Pilot has very average mileage considering the combined average SUV mileage this year.

The combined average mileage of SUVs this year is 60.9 mpg. But the Honda Pilot has a mileage of only 20 mpg in city driving. It jumps to only 27 mpg on highway driving. Then why did we put this vehicle on our list of best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage?

It is because of the acceleration and the interior design of the Honda Pilot. The Honda Pilot has excellent and smooth acceleration. The smooth acceleration gives you a superior feel in urban settings. The cabin is perfect for an 8-seater. For an 8-seater midsize SUV, 20-27 mpg is good. There is plenty of room in the cabin to fit in comfortably.

The Honda Pilot is undoubtedly the best midsize SUV with the best gas mileage for large families, which is why we included this vehicle in the list despite its mediocre mileage.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #5: BMW X5

Here is one for all BMW fans. The BMW X5. It is a smaller version of the full-size BMW X7. The BMW X5 is a stylish midsize SUV. Despite being popular, the BMW X5 is not superb in its mileage.

The BMW X5 has many other features to offer to the customers. Engineers designed the X5 to be a 5-seater vehicle. There are three trim levels available for the X5. The X5 also has a 3.0L I6 turbo engine. It also comes with an all-wheel drive mechanism. The heavyweight of this AWD mechanism is partially responsible for the low mpg of the X5. The BMW X5 is 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

The cabin of the X5 has all the latest technology you can ask for—state-of-the-art environment control, multimedia technology, safety mechanics, etc. The cabin is roomy enough for a middle size family. However, the third row seating of the BMW X5 is too cramping to be comfortable.

If you are looking for luxury, you may choose the BMW X5. Otherwise, look for a different vehicle.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #6: BMW X6

We have discussed the BMW X5, and now let us introduce you to the BMW X6. There is not much of a difference between the two vehicles. The X6 adds more fun to the experience. There is not much improvement in mileage and space. Only the exterior design and the driving experience are different.

Despite being a midsize SUV, the BMW X6 looks more like a sedan. But don’t be deceived by it. It drives and feels like a full-fledged SUV. This vehicle gears with a 3.0L I6 Turbo engine. It has an all-wheel drive which adds more fun to the experience of driving it.

In the case of fuel economy, it does not stand out much. It has 21 mpg in city driving, a minimal improvement from the BMW X5. The highway mpg rating is the same as the X5, which is 25 mpg.

The BMW X6’s features justify the high price tag. The mpg also explains itself when considering its AWD parts. We suggest this car if your main priority is having fun with your midsize SUV.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #7: Subaru Outback

Are you looking for a good mileage midsize SUV while retaining the core elements of a full-size SUV? Then you should check out the Subaru Outback. Subaru is a reliable band, delivering on what they promise to the customers. The Subaru Outback is one example of it.

It comes with great mileage, the priority of our list of best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage. In addition, the Subaru Outback also has a great visual look, ground clearance, and roomy interior, perfect for off-roading to the max.

The Subaru Outback has a 2.5L I4 engine, and this vehicle has eight trim levels. This vehicle also comes with an all-wheel drive. The mileage of this vehicle is 26 mpg in urban settings. This mileage is pretty impressive. Because the heavy weight of the AWD mechanism did not affect the vehicle’s mpg, this mpg rate jumps to 33 mpg when driving on the highway. It is one of the top mpg midsize SUV vehicles in the market.

Besides the high mpg, the Subaru does not shy away from putting luxurious interior features in the vehicle. One of them is the fully capacitive touch-screen display console.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #8: Volvo XC90 Recharge

The Volvo XC90 Recharge is another excellent midsize SUV with impressive mileage. It has an estimated mileage score of 26 mpg, which is the same mpg as the Subaru Outback in urban settings.

The Volvo XC90 Recharge is a 7-seater midsize SUV. It comes with a plug-in hybrid 2.0L I4 turbo engine, slightly different from the hybrid engine concept. But it delivers good mileage in comparison to the heavyweight and capacity of the vehicle.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #9: Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is another midsize SUV with the best gas mileage on the market. The Touareg has a 3.0-liter TFSI turbocharged V6 engine. It can also come in a variant fitted with a diesel 3.0-litre TDI turbocharged V6 engine.

With both versions, the Volkswagen Touareg delivers an impressive 34.9 mpg. This feat is awe-inspiring for an SUV. It has toppled the 33 mpg performance of the Subaru Outback in a highway setting. While it’s no longer on sale, you could find loads of pretty decent examples on the second-hand market.

Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage #10: Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is the last vehicle on our list of midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage. It is a crossover of a sporty sedan and SUV. This midsize SUV offers a stylish look with an impressive cabin design. The cabin of the Lexus RX is a 5-seater. It is not an all-wheel drive midsize SUV.

Like most other SUVs, the Lexus RX can provide only 20 mpg in an urban setting. But on the highway, the mpg rate jumps to 27 mpg.

It isn’t enjoyable to drive this SUV with its medicare fuel economy, but it delivers cost-saving results rather than driving a fuel-inefficient SUV.


What Is Good Gas Mileage

20 mpg is considered a good mileage for all vehicles. It is a rule of thumb. But for a new midsize SUV, you should consider 30 to 40 mpg as average. You should feel at least 23 mpg for used and old SUVs. If it is lower than 23, then you should look for another SUV.

What Car Has The Best Gas Mileage

Electric cars have the best mileage because they don’t need gas to run. In terms of combustion engines, hybrid vehicles have the best gas mileage. Because they use electrical motors to make up for the gas engine shortcomings, old hybrid vehicles will have less gas mileage because the engine integrity wears out.

What SUV Gets The Best Gas Mileage

Many SUVs can provide better gas mileage. But in all cases, they have hybrid engines. Thus SUVs with hybrid engines have the best gas mileage. Examples are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Venza Hybrid, and Ford Explorer. They are some of the best gas mileage SUVs.

What Is A Good MPG For An SUV

It would be best if you considered good mileage for an SUV between 23 to 40 mpg. But this year’s average mpg for SUVs has reached 60.9 mpg. Thus you can consider any mpg between this number to be good for an SUV.

What Is A Midsize SUV

A midsize SUV is a bridge between a compact SUV and a full-size SUV. They can be as practical as full-size SUVs. They can also provide fuel efficiency like compact SUVs. In recent years, midsize SUVs have become very popular as civilian vehicles because of their functionality.

What Is The Best Mid Size SUV

There are many midsize SUVs for better mpg and functionality. Take a look at the list above for the best midsize SUVs. You can choose any that you like.

Does AWD Use More Gas

AWD, or all-wheel drive vehicles, use more gas. The all-wheel drive mechanism in a car adds more weight to the vehicle. Because of the heavyweight, the car needs to burn more fuel to move.

Does 4WD Use More Gas

A 4WD/4-wheel drive vehicle works with the same mechanics. Thus they are heavy, and they will require more fuel to move. They’re not fuel-efficient at all.

Which Mid Size SUV Is The Most Reliable

The midsize SUVs with hybrid engines are the most reliable because they are comparatively lightweight with fuel-efficient engines.

What Is Considered Midsize

A midsize SUV is a size between a full-size SUV and a compact SUV. They are functional and fuel efficient.


Midsize SUV With Best Gas Mileage

So these were the best midsize SUVs with the best gas mileage you can find on the market. We hope that you liked our selection. We did not blindly focus on the mpg score to make this list. While picking and choosing each SUV, we paid attention to various features of the SUV and then prepared the list.

Some of the great mpg performers are the Toyota Venza Hybrid and the Subaru Outback. Most of the other selections have mediocre mpg but some impressive features. So make sure that you choose the car you want carefully.

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