CarLabImmo: A Priceless Aid For Car Mechatronics

by Rae Castillon

CarLabImmo company has been on the market for over 15 years. From the very beginning, the company is fully based on Polish know-how and capital. During these years, the company has grown from a small workshop to a world leader in the field of products and services for repairing car immobilisers as well as engine control units.

”Right from the very beginning, we documented every car, Engine Control Unit and immobiliser module that has gone through our hands. We catalogued them, took photos, descriptions, and – most importantly – collected and stored the memory readouts from these components. Over time, the database has grown to a size that allows us to proudly name ourselves as creators of the world’s biggest Engine Control Unit files database”, as CarLabImmo representatives have stated.

Immo Bypass – An Online Software With ECU Files (Original And Immo Off), Advanced Algorithms And Professional Tech Support

Immo Bypass software contains over 110,000 ecu files found in more than 14,500 popular Engine Control Units and immobiliser modules. Inside the majority of the catalogues, in addition to photographs of the ECU and the car, one can find original readout of EEPROM or FLASH memory as well as its modifications for IMMO OFF or SYNC (VIRGIN).

The users can download every ECU file or compare it to another one directly inside the software, which allows them to learn what needs to be edited in the ECU they’re working on. What makes this database truly unique, is the fact that each ECU file was individually tested by technicians, allowing the company to guarantee the reliability of the available solutions.

Immo Bypass – World-Class Algorithms At Your Service

But Immo Bypass is much more than a database. It’s also a file calculator, which allows the users to instantly and automatically modify original files to IMMO OFF files, calculate checksum, or calculate and edit such values as CS, MAC, PIN, POWER CLASS, or the Engine Control Unit or key ID values.

Thanks to the Toolbox section of Immo Bypass, the customers also have the great opportunity to calculate values for a BMW emulator based on ISN code. The customer can upload the file, click one button, and the algorithms handle the rest of the job. Thanks to all its functions, thousands of car mechatronics cannot imagine their work without Immo Bypass!

Tech Support From Immobilizer Expert

All Immo Bypass users can get technical support from a world-class expert with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the industry of car immobilizers. Based on the attached materials, the technician develops a solution for the customer and uploads it to Immo Bypass. The users can then download the file and use it in their work.

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