You Need To See The Lexus LF-LA Concept By Yang Sun

by Paul Hadley

Take a look here at the new Lexus F-LA a concept car. This concept actually has an odd back story with a secret that inspired. The LF-LA is unofficial fusion of the LC coupe and the mighty LFA supercar designed by independent artist Yang Sun. From what we hear the concept was actually inspired by seashells, but after continually staring at the concept I don’t see how that relates. This Lexus design was the first design to be created from the Los Angeles office. So you may be able to guess where the LS-LA name came from.

Lexus LF-LA Concept Styling

Taking a look at the concept it does look pretty wild. Of course it has lots of typical Lexus traits, but it is stepping outside from the norm you will notice that there is a huge front grille that takes up two thirds of the front of the car. It has a very long, curved sloping bonnet and a set of enormous wheels. I would have to take a guess with them being around 24 inches tall. Looking inside of the car there is no traditional glass used in the side windows. There is one enormous vent at the back of the car which would have to suggest there would be some kind of incredible areodynamic function going on at this point.

The Rear Of the Car

Looking at the rear of the car this is where things have gone a bit nuts. The very centre piece of the car has been stretched out, looking to increase airflow and possibly create downforce. There is also a central exit twin pipe exhaust which I have no doubt would sound amazing. Lastly there are some very seductive lights which have been carefully designed.

Crazy and Irrational

Personally I really like this Lexus concept car. Of course, all concept cars are crazy, irrational and rarely aspects of them are introduced to a production car. But I do like what goes on in the thought process of designing concept cars.

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