Changing Batteries In Key Fob: How To Change Car Key Battery?

by Conner Mckay

A key fob is a handy gadget that lets you remotely lock and unlock your car’s doors and start the engine. But, if the battery in your key fob continues to degrade, you can start to encounter problems like low battery warnings or malfunctioning key fobs. Fortunately, changing batteries in key fob is a quick and easy DIY project.

One of the gadgets that we frequently use but know nothing about is a keyless entry key fob. Hence, you can imagine why lost car keys are a bad thing. These little hand-held gadgets’ technology has revolutionized remote keyless entry systems for autos and other vehicles.

Once you’ve lost a keyless entry key fob, you quickly understand how useful and crucial it is. Let’s examine “what is a key fob” and “how to replace a car key battery” in greater detail. You might not be aware of a key fob’s various features.

Key Fob Battery

A key fob battery is a tiny, frequently coin-shaped battery that powers a key fob’s remote control feature. Key fobs can be used to remotely start an automobile in addition to being used for keyless entry. You can start to face problems like a low battery warning or a key fob that doesn’t function properly when the battery in a key fob starts to wear out.

To avoid being locked out of your automobile (or on the off-chance that you’ve locked my car keys in my car), replacing the battery as soon as feasible is critical. When attempting to change a battery, selecting the correct one is critical because different key fobs require different kinds of batteries.

Although changing the batteries in a key fob is a straightforward procedure, you may always take it to a professional if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Key Fob Battery Replacement

You may easily perform the task of changing the battery in your key fob on your own. Here is a comprehensive tutorial for changing the battery in your key fob:

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #1: Identify The Battery Type

The first step in changing your key fob battery is to identify the battery type that your key fob needs. You can look up this information online or in the user manual for your key fob. Selecting the right battery is crucial because there are numerous varieties, including lithium, alkaline, and silver oxide.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #2: Get A New Battery

After determining the kind of battery your key fob needs, go out and buy a replacement (rather than resorting to a complete motorcycle key replacement). Most electronic stores and online vendors have replacement batteries. To ensure a battery is high-quality and long-lasting, make sure to buy it from a renowned manufacturer.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #3: Open The Key Fob:

You’ll need to do this to change the battery. Use a small flathead screwdriver or a coin to pry open the key fob. Take care to avoid causing any internal or cause component damage.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #4: Remove The Old Battery:

Once the key fob is open, carefully remove the old battery from its container. Because you’ll need to enter the new battery in the same manner, take note of its location and polarity.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #5: Install The Replacement Battery:

Changing Batteries In Key Fob

Ensure the new battery is positioned and aligned correctly before inserting it into the compartment. Check the user handbook or search for marks on the battery compartment if you’re unsure which direction the battery should be inserted.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #6: Test The Key Fob:

After installing the new battery, press the key fob’s buttons to ensure it functions properly. If, after reprogramming the key fob (once you’ve figured out how to program the key fob), the problem persists, a more serious problem may be at hand.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob #7: Lock The Key Fob:

Reassemble the key fob carefully. Verify that the casing snaps into place and is properly positioned. Verify the battery is firmly positioned in its compartment if the key fob does not easily snap back together.

Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost

The type of battery, the key fob’s maker, and the store where you buy the new battery are some of the variables that can affect the price of a key fob battery replacement. Not to mention, the process of needing to duplicate car keys with chips. A replacement battery typically costs less than $20 and can be found for as little as a few dollars.

The most economical choice might be to buy a replacement battery online or at an electronics store if you feel confident changing the battery yourself. However, the price may be slightly higher owing to labor costs if you prefer a professional to replace the battery.

It can be more expensive if your key fob needs a more sophisticated battery or if you can’t change the battery yourself. Before buying a new battery or contacting a specialist, comparing shops and assessing prices is wise. In any case, it’s critical to maintain a healthy key fob battery to prevent problems with the vehicle starting and prolong your key fob’s life.

Keyless Remote Battery Low

Low keyless remote batteries might result in a number of annoying problems for the user. What transpires when the keyless car remote battery is low is described in greater detail below:

Changing Batteries In Key Fob, Low Battery #1: Range Reduction:

The keyless remote operates by radio signaling the car’s receiver. The signal might not be powerful enough to reach the receiver from a distance when the battery is low. This implies that for the remote to operate, the user may need to be closer to the automobile than usual.

For instance, the restricted range may require the user to be within 10 feet of the automobile for the remote to function if it previously worked from 30 feet away.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob, Low Battery #2: Response Time Lag:

When the keyless remote’s battery is low, there may be a lag between when a user presses a button on the remote and when the automobile reacts. This delay could be annoying, especially if the user is pressed for time. When the battery continues to deteriorate, the wait could lengthen.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob, Low Battery #3: Failure To Function:

If the keyless remote’s battery runs out too soon, it may stop functioning altogether. The car might not react when the user presses a button on the remote. This can be a huge hassle if the user wants to access the automobile or start the engine.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob, Low Battery #4: Warning Light:

Certain vehicles include a warning light that signals a low keyless remote battery. The remote control or the instrument panel may both have this warning light. To avoid any more problems, the user should change the battery as soon as they notice this warning light.

It’s crucial to swap out the keyless remote batteries before it runs out if you want to avoid these symptoms. Most keyless remote controls use a little lithium battery that is simple to change. It is advised to refer to the owner’s manual of your car for information on the suggested battery and how to replace it.

Your keyless remote will continue to function properly if the battery is replaced before it gets too low.

Key Fob Not Working

It might be aggravating when your key fob breaks down. Fortunately, there are a number of possible causes for your key fob to stop working as well as some quick fixes you may attempt.

1. Dead Battery:

The most frequent reason for a key fob to stop working is a dead battery. When you click the buttons on the key fob, and your automobile doesn’t respond, the battery is probably dead. You can replace the battery on your own by adhering to the directions in the preceding section.

Consult your car’s owner’s manual or a nearby auto parts store if you’re unclear about the battery type to buy.

2. Key Fob Damage:

If your key fob has been dropped, exposed to moisture or water, or has suffered other damage, it may no longer function. Use your backup key fob if you think the original has been damaged. If the backup key fob functions, the original key fob is the issue. In this situation, you might have to buy a new key fob or professionally fix the broken one.

3. Faulty Receiver:

Changing Batteries In Key Fob

Another potential cause of the issue could be the car’s receiver, which connects with the key fob. Wiring problems or antenna damage may be to blame for this. If a dead battery or a broken key fob has been ruled out, it might be time to have your automobile serviced by a qualified mechanic so that the problem can be identified and fixed.

4. Reprogramming Required:

In some circumstances, the key fob may require reprogramming to function with the receiver in your automobile. This could happen if the receiver has been reset or if the key fob’s code has been forgotten. The owner’s manual for your automobile has information on how to reprogram the key fob yourself.

You can take your automobile to a dealership or qualified mechanic to get it reprogrammed if you are unclear about how to reprogram the key fob or if the reprogramming is unsuccessful. The moment may have come to seek professional assistance if you have tried all these fixes and your key fob is still malfunctioning.

An expert locksmith (to learn more, check out our guide on how much does a auto locksmith cost) or mechanic can identify and fix the problem with your key fob. For more insight into reprogramming key fobs, check out our guides below:

Can I Drive With Key Fob Battery Low

Yes, you can typically use a key fob with a low battery to start your car, but it depends on your vehicle’s precise make and model. The battery in the key fob may not be required to start the engine in some vehicles; instead, it may just be used to remotely lock and unlock the doors.

In some scenarios, even if the key fob battery is low or dead, you could still be able to start and operate the vehicle. The key fob battery is necessary for the engine to start in some vehicles, though. The engine may not start in these circumstances if the key fob battery is low or dead, or it may start and run for a brief period before cutting out.

Check your owner’s manual or ask your dealership or mechanic for guidance if you are unsure whether you can use your vehicle while the key fob battery is low. To prevent any annoyance or safety concerns, replacing the key fob batteries as soon as possible is always a good idea.

How To Reprogram Key Fob

Your key fob may need to be reprogrammed if the battery has been changed, but the problem persists. Resetting the communication between the key fob and your car’s security system is a common step in reprogramming a key fob.

Depending on the make and model of your car, the specific steps for reprogramming a key fob may change. However, the process generally entails the following steps:

  1. Close all doors and windows when sitting in the driver’s seat of your car.
  2. Place the key in the ignition (unless you’re facing issues where the key is stuck in the ignition or if the key won’t turn in the ignition) without turning the engine on and turn it to the “On” position.
  3. When the car’s horn beeps or the lights flash, press and hold the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons on the key fob simultaneously for roughly 10 seconds.
  4. Turn off the ignition and let go of the buttons. Now that the key fob has been programmed, it should be usable.

If this method is unsuccessful, go to your car’s owner’s manual or contact a dealership or mechanic for detailed information on how to reprogram your key fob.

Remember that reprogramming key fobs for some contemporary vehicles may require specialized equipment; attempting to do so yourself may result in damage to the key fob or your vehicle’s security system. It is best to seek a professional’s assistance in these situations.

How To Repair Key Fob

It could be essential to repair your key fob if you’ve changed the battery and it still isn’t working. The steps to fixing your key fob are as follows:

1. Look Over The Key Fob:

Inspect the key fob for any obvious damage, such as cracks, dents, or water damage. If there is any physical damage, it might not be able to fix it, and you would have to completely replace the key fob.

2. Clean The Key Fob:

If the key fob has no visible damage, try cleaning it. Use a dry cloth or a small brush to clean out any dirt, dust, or debris that might obstruct the key fob.

3. Examine The Circuit Board:

Check the circuit board of the key fob by opening it up to look for any obvious damage. Check for any dents, frayed wires, or loose parts. If you see any of these problems, you might be able to fix the circuit board and fix the key fob.

4. Fix The Circuit Board:

If you’re handy with a soldering iron, you might be able to repair the circuit board yourself. Fix any connections that are broken and carefully re-solder any wires or components that are loose. Take your key fob to a repair professional if you don’t have soldering knowledge.

5. Test The Key Fob:

After fixing the key fob, put it back together and give it a once-over to ensure everything is operating as it should. If it still doesn’t work, you might need to get it looked at by a specialist or think about getting a replacement.

You might be able to fix your key fob and avoid spending money on a new one by following these instructions. Taking your key fob to a professional for repairs is advised if you are unsure about any step or do not have experience fixing electronics.

Methods For Starting A Car Without A Key

It’s crucial to remember that starting a car without a key is uncommon and should only be done in dire circumstances. Most contemporary vehicles come equipped with an electronic key fob with a transponder chip that interacts with the car’s computer to enable starting. There are still a few options for starting the automobile if the key fob’s battery fails or it is lost.

1. Use The Spare Key:

If you have a backup key that isn’t electronic, you can use it to manually open the door and start the vehicle. This approach, however, is restricted to vehicles with conventional ignition keys. Not to mention, having to deal with how to turn the ignition without a key. As well as, how to start my car without a chip key.

2. Use A Metal Key:

A secret metal key found inside some electronic key fobs can be used to manually unlock the door and start the vehicle. To determine if your key fob has this capability, check your owner’s manual or speak to a locksmith.

3. Apply A Key Code:

A keyless entry system that lets you unlock the doors with a code is standard on some cars. To determine if your car has this feature and how to get the code, consult your owner’s manual.

4. Hotwire A Vehicle:

Hotwiring an automobile is not advised because it can seriously harm the vehicle’s electrical system and is prohibited in many jurisdictions. If you are truly in need and have no other options, then only try this. It is significant to note that because of new security mechanisms, hotwiring a car is much more challenging than it once was.

Starting a car without a key is not recommended unless there is an emergency. If you are unclear about how to start your automobile without a key, always have a spare on hand and seek professional assistance. If you need some help, do refer to our guide on how to hotwire a car.

What Is The Key Not Detected Message

When the car cannot recognize the key fob, the message “Key not detected” may appear on the dashboard. The car’s immobilizer receives a signal from the key fob, allowing the vehicle to start. The automobile won’t start if the key fob cannot be recognized by it.

There are a number of reasons a key fob might not be recognized by the vehicle:

  • Low Battery: The automobile might not be able to detect the signal if the key fob’s battery is low or dead.
  • Distance: The key fob’s signal may not be powerful enough for the car to recognize if you are too far away from the vehicle.
  • Disruption of the key fob signal may occur if there is interference from other electronic devices, such as a cell phone or radio.
  • Key Fob Damage: If the key fob has been scratched, wet, or exposed to severe temperatures, it might not work properly.

Remote Start Not Working After Battery Change

A key fob or smartphone app with remote start capability enables a driver to start their car’s engine remotely. It can be wonderfully useful on chilly winter mornings or scorching summer afternoons. However, remote start may cease functioning if the key fob or vehicle battery changes. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as:

  • Reset Needed: After changing the batteries, the remote start device may occasionally only need to be reset. To learn how to reset it, refer to the owner’s manual for the automobile. Or, the instructions for the remote start system.
  • Battery Voltage: A remote start system may not function if the automobile battery or the battery powering it is too low. Both batteries should have their voltage levels checked. And, as needed, they should be charged or replaced.
  • Key Fob Programming: Remote start functionality may not be available if the key fob is improperly programmed. You can re-program the key fob by following the directions in the remote start system’s manual. Alternatively, the owner’s manual for your automobile (or a set of auto repair manuals).
  • Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring can result in a malfunctioning remote start. Make sure the wiring and connectors are safe and in good shape by inspecting them.
  • Failure of the Remote Start System: After all other possibilities have been ruled out, the remote start system may be at fault. In this situation, it could be essential to enlist a qualified mechanic’s aid or the manufacturer’s technical support staff to identify and resolve the problem.

Any remote start problems must be resolved as soon as feasible because they can impair the car’s convenience and functionality.

FAQs On Changing Batteries In Key Fob:

Here are some popular FAQs on changing batteries in a car key fob:

How To Change Battery In Key Fob

To replace the battery in a key fob, you must first open the case, remove the old battery, and put in a fresh one. Depending on the brand and model of your key fob, the exact processes may vary, but generally speaking, you will need a small flathead screwdriver or coin to open the case and a new battery that matches the old one’s specifications. Before testing the key fob, ensure the new battery is correctly inserted and closed tightly.

Can I Program 2017 Ram Keys With Smartphone

No, using a smartphone to program 2017 Ram keys is not possible. A specialized diagnostic tool and software are needed to program new keys for your car.

How To Open Key Fob

Usually, a small flathead screwdriver or a key fob opening tool are required to open a key fob. Find a little seam on the side of the fob, then use the tool to carefully pry it out. You can access the battery compartment and change the battery after it’s opened.

Why Is It Called A Key Fob

The word ‘fob’ was first used to describe a tiny pocket fastened to a watch chain, and subsequently, it came to mean any tiny thing fastened to a keychain. The little remote control for locking and unlocking a car that is used in the case of car keys is now referred to as a ‘key fob.’

Where To Get Car Remote Battery Replaced

Numerous locations, including auto parts stores, car dealerships, and specialised key and lock shops, offer the ability to change your car remote batteries. By buying a replacement battery and following the directions in your car’s handbook or looking up tutorials online, you can also change the battery yourself.

How To Turn On Car With Key Remote

When using a key remote to start a car, you often first need to unlock the doors by pressing a button on the remote, then put the key in the ignition and turn it to the ‘on’ position. Some more recent vehicles have a push-button start option that enables you to start the vehicle without entering the key, although the key remote must still be close at hand. For further instructions on how to start your automobile with a key remote, go to the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle.

How To Start Car With Key Fob

You must depress the brake pedal and push the ‘Engine Start’ or ‘Ignition’ button on the key fob to start a car using a key fob.

Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After Replacing Battery

There could be a number of causes for your key fob to stop functioning even after the battery has been changed. One frequent cause of fob dysfunction is improper battery change, which can happen for a number of reasons. Ensure the replacement battery is the right kind and properly placed into the key fob. Another factor can be the requirement to update the key fob’s software or sync it with the vehicle’s security system.

How To Start Car Without Key

With a remote start fob, push-button ignition automobiles can be started, but not without a key fob engaged in the ignition. A key is still required to release the steering column and switch off the anti-theft system in earlier vehicles, even when you can manually turn the ignition with it.

Where To Buy Key Fob Battery

Most car parts shops, electronics stores, and big-box stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy sell key fob batteries. Also, you may buy them online from stores like Amazon and eBay. The particular brand and kind of battery you require will depend on your key fob.

Can You Program A Key Fob Yourself

It is feasible to program a key fob yourself in some circumstances, but it depends on the make, model, and kind of car. To program a key fob, some automakers include instructions in the owner’s manual, while others demand expert programming. For advice, asking for the owner’s manual or a reputable locksmith is preferable.

How Long Does Key Fob Battery Last

Battery life for key fobs ranges from 2 to 5 years, depending on usage and battery type.

What Does Keyless Entry Mean

A keyless entry system enables a car’s entrance and ignition without using a conventional key. To unlock the doors and start the engine, it often involves a small electronic device, such as a remote control or smartphone, that connects wirelessly to the automobile’s computer.

How Much To Program Key Fob

The price for programming a key fob can change depending on the region and the vehicle’s make and model. The average cost to program a key fob at a dealership or an automobile locksmith ranges from $50 to $200.

How To Reset Key Fob

Depending on the make and model of your car, the key fob reset procedure can change. Usually speaking, your options include changing the battery, reprogramming the key fob, calling a dealership, or getting help from an automobile locksmith.

How To Replace A Key Fob

You must buy a new key fob and configure it to your car to replace an old one. You should refer to your vehicle’s owner manual, get help from a dealership or an automotive locksmith, or study your vehicle’s specific programming procedure since it will vary depending on the make and model of your car.

How To Program Honda Key To Start Car

You need a functional key to program a new key to your Honda. The ignition should be turned on with the working key first, then three times with the new key. Turn the key off and then back on when the immobilizer light has gone out. Repeat with any additional keys. The key should then be turned off and taken out of the ignition.

Changing Batteries In Key Fob – Final Verdict

Changing Batteries In Key Fob

Your key fob is a useful device that makes it simple for you to get into and start your automobile. To avoid being stranded, changing batteries in key fob as soon as possible is critical if you’re having problems with it. You can avoid pricey repairs or lockouts by doing a quick and affordable key fob battery replacement.

You can keep your key fob operating smoothly. And, steer clear of aggravating problems like low battery alarms or a fob that doesn’t function properly by adhering to these easy procedures and troubleshooting advice. Remember to test your key fob after changing the battery. And, if you’re still having problems, seek further help from a specialist.

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