Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder – How Much Will It Cost You?

by Conner Mckay

The cost to replace ignition cylinder varies from one vehicle model to another. Do you have problems starting your vehicle or find it difficult to power it? If it’s probably like a routine for your car key to keep getting stuck in a particular position (or, if you lost the keys, you’ll have to deal with how to start a car without a key). Well, that may indicate a faulty ignition cylinder.

What if you bring your car to a reliable auto repair shop and ask for a diagnosis? The difficulty in starting would most likely result from a damaged ignition cylinder, and the most reasonable option may be to replace it with a new one.

If that’s your case, you’d want to know how much it costs to replace your damaged ignition lock cylinder. Go no further, this article will show you everything you need to know about the ignition lock cylinder and the cost to replace ignition cylinder.

Ignition Lock Cylinder

A car’s ignition lock cylinder is an integral component of your vehicle where the ignition key is stuck into to turn on your automobile. It is assembled inside the ignition switch, the electrical part that closes up the ignition, and reads anti-robbery coding in the key to enable your car to power up.

Function Of Ignition Lock Cylinder

The main role of the ignition lock cylinder is to assist you in starting your car. However, it plays four primary functions:

  • Turning on your automobile engine.
  • Loosening your steering wheel.
  • Starting your car’s accessories.
  • Kindling the fuel.

Causes Of Ignition Lock Cylinder Problems


Bad keys can destroy wafer pins or crystals inside the ignition cylinder such that the key refuses to turn, stopping the ignition from unhooking.

Also, the wafers can wash away (and, in some circumstances, make the key slide out while the motor is in operation), crack, or glue in an elevated position, hindering the key from revolving.

If your ignition cylinder is hard to turn or the key cannot be inserted or brought out effortlessly, the key may be tilted or washed. Getting a master key from the dealership or a locksmith may assist with the ignition lock cylinder problems.

But… What causes the ignition cylinder to lock up? When you turn your vehicle off with the steering wheel bent or attempt to turn the wheel after you have turned off your vehicle, the wheel & ignition key can jam up.

Location Of The Ignition Lock Cylinder

The ignition lock cylinder is lodged within the electrical unit that locks the ignition, called the ignition switch. It is fastened onto the steering column and is mostly found on your automobile’s right side, behind the steering.

An issue within the ignition network occurs due to an error inside the ignition cylinder. A string of crystals where the key is put is embedded in the lock cylinder. An electrical fixture and a string of cables operate from the cylinder core to a progression of relay switches that allot power to numerous parts.

The Ignition Switch And Ignition Cylinder

The ignition switch and the ignition cylinder are two different elements and shouldn’t be mistaken for each other. While the ignition cylinder is the self-regulating tumbler you get to insert your key into, the ignition switch is the electrical part that carries power to your car. In several vehicles, the ignition switch and the ignition cylinder are different elements that you can fix differently.

Bypassing An Ignition Lock Cylinder

This is an entirely technical strategy that will need some technicality and manual work. The reasonable procedure here is to take your vehicle to an expert to rectify it or renew the switch.

How To Test Your Ignition Using A Multimeter

To test your ignition lock cylinder, turn the switch until you reach the OFF threshold. With the “+” key of the multimeter, insert the probe at the rear of the energy feed cable of the module and the “–” key into the surface basis of your distributor. Turn your ignition key to the RUN point and gauge the voltage with the multimeter.

Indications Of A Bad Ignition Lock Cylinder

Several ignition lock cylinders run in 4 stances,

  • To unfasten the wheel of your vehicle’s steering.
  • To power your car accessories.
  • To power your car’s computer and fuel system.
  • To rotate your car’s engine.

If your ignition cylinder is faulty, you can have difficulty powering on and starting the car. An impaired ignition cylinder will give some indications to warn you of a likely problem.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder, Symptoms #1: Problems Powering On Your Car

This is one of the initial signs of a likely ignition cylinder issue. As you turn the ignition cylinder around, whenever you start your car over, over time, it gets worn. A worn ignition lock cylinder may not perform adequately when you insert the key.

That may result in particular positions of the key not functioning properly and needing extra pressure on the key before it can function.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder, Symptoms #2: Problems Inserting And Removing The Key

When you frequently insert, remove, and twist the key, the cylinder and the key will someday start to wash out and result in problems with the performance of the cylinder.

A damaged cylinder may be squashed when you insert, withdraw, or turn the key. That can hinder the starting and powering on of your automobile. Problems like this often deepen until the key cannot fit and open the cylinder properly.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder, Symptoms #3: Car Refusing To Start

If you can relate, this is so bothersome, especially if you are in a hurry and just entered your vehicle to catch up with an event. It refuses to start or power up. The ignition cylinder system is attached to an ignition switch, which concurs with each other to start your vehicle.

If you don’t get a response while starting your car, the ignition lock might be the problem here and you might need an ignition lock cylinder repair.

However, don’t forget that this can also happen because of other problems like alternator and engine issues. If your car refuses to power on, endeavor to carry it to an expert for diagnosis.

How To Diagnose Ignition Issues

  • Ascertain the absence of a spark.
  • Search for any noticeable problems.
  • Power check.
  • Examine twice for flashing orders.
  • Examine the first timing.
  • Test the spark plugs and cables.
  • Test for flame at coil.

How To Start A Vehicle With A Bad Ignition Cylinder

Unlock the hood of your vehicle and find the coil and battery. With the aid of a jumper wire, attach the “+” field of the battery to the “+” field of the coil. That will provide the power needed to power your engine.

Why Get A New Lock Cylinder

Getting a new lock cylinder replacement offers your vehicle enhanced safety if the existing one is bad. It makes it highly impossible for criminals to gain entrance to your vehicle.

Investing in a lock cylinder is ideal for aged vehicles with difficulty powering their attachments.

A Good Lock Cylinder Is Accountable For Powering Your:

  • Windscreen wipers.
  • Car radio.
  • Vehicle windows.
  • Booth
  • Whatever your key could perform on its own, the lock cylinder gives extra support.

How To Know The Best Lock Cylinder For You

You are required to select a lock cylinder that matches your specific automobile if you want the best results.

In the owner’s handbook, you’ll discover the kind of lock to select based on a special number. That will enable you to make an informed decision for your vehicle. If you are having difficulty finding this information, an experienced technician or brand delegate can assist you in locating the relevant machine.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder, Replacement Tips #1: Specify Your Necessities

In ignition management, an ignition cylinder wears multiple caps. Before choosing the right equipment for your vehicle, it’s important to outline your expectations. If you value safety, you simply search for brands that are known for that. Find out what makes the equipment unique in the competition and perform your research. It will enable you to narrow it down to the nicest brands for your budget.

A critical aspect of selecting the best equipment is securing your steering wheel to stave off thievery properly. Ensure the tool you select is manufactured from durable materials.

I bet you wouldn’t like to buy a product that isn’t synonymous with your automobile or fails to fulfill your safety desires. Perform your research well by checking client reviews before making financial commitments.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder, Replacement Tips #2: Narrow Down Your Choice

When choosing a suitable lock cylinder, you will have two materials to select from. Recognizing these variations between the two materials will enable you to make an accurate decision for your particular car. Die-cast is utilized to achieve optimal vitality. Stainless steel is the auxiliary material that is a cheap alternative. To achieve optimal strength, go for die-cast!

How To Reprogram A New Ignition Cylinder With Key

  • Turnkey ON for 10 mins 30 secs.
  • Turn the key OFF for about 10 seconds.
  • Return to ON for 10 mins 30 secs.
  • Change to OFF for 10 seconds.
  • ON for 10 mins 30 secs.
  • OFF for 10 seconds.
  • ON again
  • Start your engine.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal Without Key

To remove the ignition lock cylinder without a key, you must insert your screwdriver into the lock cylinder. Turn it into a clockwise path. Then drag the paper peg as extensively as you can to the right. By doing this, you should be able to get the switch out effortlessly.

Adopt that procedure for Ford ignition lock cylinder removal without a key. We have good ignition lock cylinder removal tools available on the market. They make installing and removing your ignition key simpler and easier.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Repair


To ascertain if the lock cylinder is the vehicle’s problem, your technician should manipulate the key to watch how it communicates with the ignition cylinder.

Putting in and pulling out the key will notify you of the components to replace. The ignition lock cylinder repair can be easy or very complicated, banking on how the switch ceased functioning.

For example, if the whole ignition switch and cylinder are a single component, the replacement procedure can be difficult.

But, if the cylinder is separate, the switch will be easy to remove. The technician should start by disconnecting the battery. And takes out the steering section locks to gain access to the cylinder.

Taking out the steering section lid should extract the ignition lock top, which is manufactured either with metal or plastic; followed by the whole component. This entire removal procedure will differ depending on the manufacturer.

Following that, you must remove the ignition cylinder from the housing by using the key to unfasten the steering wheel. That enables you to liberate it from the car.

Once done, it’ll unlodge the lid of the ignition network, and you can then install the new part.

After installing the new ignition cylinder, put it back into the car in the reverse direction, before connecting the battery terminals again. Turn on the vehicle and inspect for any error codes. Ensure to settle every outstanding issue before returning back on track.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder

Locksmiths can perform some ignition lock cylinder replacements by reinstalling or trimming wafers. In some situations, where you have to reinstall a lock cylinder, you’d need new keys and locks for the vehicle’s entrances and booths.

Ignition cylinders normally last for many years before issues occur. However, they will probably be a minor case in the future as newer automobiles nowadays are furnished with smart key fobs and drag-button starts; eradicating the necessity for a traditional key.

Perhaps you want to replace your ignition lock cylinder, and you are wondering about the cost to replace ignition cylinder.

Let’s focus on that here. How do I go about it so I can return to track? I suppose that’s the concern possibly stirring in your mind. Especially if you presume you might soon have a damaged lock cylinder.

The ultimate cost to replace ignition cylinder will finally depend on the mechanic. However, on average, some vehicle owners tend to spend between $200 – $500 for a replacement. That comprises the price of a fresh lock cylinder, (auctioned between $125 – $170) and the workmanship price.

Some elements tend to increase or decrease the cost. If you have a premium automobile model or you’ll have to get your lock cylinder repaired by a mobile locksmith, that should influence the total cost to replace ignition cylinder.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder: Estimates For Some Models

Model Costs(Labor And Parts)
Chevrolet Cavalier $455
Chevrolet Cobalt $315
Ford Focus $275
Chevrolet TrailBlazer $219
Honda Accord $299
Honda Civic $335
Kia Optima $475
Honda Pilot $250
Toyota Camry $317

Ignition Cylinder Replacement Cost: Is It Worth It

The cost to replace ignition cylinder is worth every penny if you plan on navigating your vehicle satisfactorily into the future.

If you decide not to repair your damaged lock cylinder, over time, you won’t be able to use your vehicle. Investing in it is a purely reasonable choice and one that will be rewarding in the end.

Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder: Final Words…

I hope you’ve learned a lot about the ignition lock cylinder and the cost to replace ignition cylinder. Note that the exact cost for you depends on your location, vehicle model, and the mechanic. However, if there is any other thing you wish to talk about, let us know in the comment section below. Cheers!

FAQs On Cost To Replace Ignition Cylinder

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch

Unlock the hood of your vehicle and find the ignition coil and battery. With a jumper wire, attach the + field of the battery to the + field of the coil. That will provide power to the dashboard. This power is what is required to power your engine.

How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Chevy Without A Key

Drag the steering tilt adjust lever to the lower left angle of the steering section cover and remove the lock cover. Gently lift the plastic into the dashboard and snatch it out to split up the bottom clamps. Unfasten the 2 bolts in the lodge towards the steering wheel so that the tilt-adjusted lever will be settled back in and the steering wheel lowered. Detach the battery as a protection measure. To take out the lock, you will need to put in the key and roll it to the ACC/1st stance, but since you are without a key, attempt to accomplish the same with the screwdriver before and after you have tested it. Using a little screwdriver, mortify the lock cylinder hook, then drag the lockout. Install the new lock, and obey the guidelines in reverse to return everything to its position.

How To Replace The Ignition Switch

Put off your ignition and install the recall saver. Unlock the negative battery wire fastener and take the wire far from the battery to protect it from unexpected connections. Loosen the protecting bolts from the lowest steering section cover and evacuate it by detaching it from the upper lid. Take out the upper steering column cover and find the ignition switch at the back of the ignition key cylinder. Detach the key cylinder and remove the electrical connector from the ignition switch. Pull out the ignition switch to introduce your new switch. Ensure to mount them securely with their electrical connectors held in place. Then replace the key cylinder with the upper steering section cover. If you removed the dash panel, reinstall it. Install the bottom section cover and the bottom cover fixing bolts. Introduce the negative battery wire and fasten the clamping screw. Finally, remove the recall saver.

How To Remove The Ignition Lock Cylinder Without A Key

With the aid of a flathead screwdriver, attempt to turn the lock. You can drill through it using a power drill if it’s difficult to turn. Then, mortify the ignition hook with a thinner Torx screwdriver and remove the ignition cylinder.

How To Fix An Ignition Switch

Disconnect your battery and remove the steering column trim with the ignition module shroud. Remove your ignition switch. If your ignition is without a key, avoid this step. Remove the ignition module. Each manufacturer maintains its own special method, which is detailed and specialized in staving off thievery. Install the new ignition module following the manufacturer’s guidelines in the repair guide. Reinstate the ignition switch and examine it. Then renew the trim.

How To Replace The Ignition Lock Cylinder

Drag on the key to pull the ignition cylinder entirely out of its case. If the ignition is clasping, shake it back and forth till you release it from its void. Insert the new ignition cylinder and twist it counterclockwise till it connects. Shove your recent ignition cylinder into the void and wiggle it towards you.

How To Remove An Ignition Switch

Insert the key and roll it to the auxiliary stance. Put the discharge clasp inside the void on the ignition module with your screwdriver. Pull the ignition switch out.

What Is An Ignition Switch

This is a component of a network that comprises the ignition lock cylinder. The whole mechanism is concerned with starting your automobile, including furnishing power to certain parts of your car, like the electronic attachments, the ignition, and the automobile engine.

How To Tell If An Ignition Switch Is Bad

Your vehicle will not start or run. If your key is turned and the vehicle tries to start but declines, then it is most likely that your ignition switch is cracked.

How Much Does IT Cost To Replace The Ignition Switch

The average cost to replace your ignition switch and for several automobiles, including the parts and workmanship, is between $150 – $350. However, some models are costlier. Sometimes, you must replace the ignition switch alongside the ignition lock cylinder. While the cost to replace ignition cylinder ranges from $200 to $500, swapping both may cost around $600 to $800.

What Does The Ignition Switch Do

The ignition switch gives initial passage to vehicular power and should be maintained in a functioning condition for the overall vitality of the vehicle. It is also an important component of your vehicle’s operation and one of the most commonly diagnosed reasons for ignition problems.

How To Replace The Ignition Switch Without A Key

Squeeze the discharge clasp on the ignition switch, so it’s rife with the side. Slip the ignition switch into its void and reinstall the battery to examine your new switch. Put off the engine (if it is powered) since your ignition switch is working. Disconnect the battery again and install the dashboard back together, contrary to how it separated. Reinstate the battery. Now that the dashboard is fully incorporated and the new ignition switch is functioning, reinstall the wire to the negative field on the battery and fasten it with a right-sized twist. Ensure the wire is solid and can’t jiggle easily.

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