Florida Temporary Tag – How Can You Get One?

by Conner Mckay

Are you in the need of a Florida temporary tag and you want to learn how you can get this temporary license plate for your car? Well, if that is the case, then you are in the right place because this article will be all about this topic.

Tags are a really important thing that you need to have if you want to drive a car legally on the roads. Without a tag, you are basically driving illegally and you could get fined. And sometimes you can even get your driver’s license suspended because you are driving a car without any license plates.

This is why you need to learn all about getting yourself a Florida temporary tag if you want to avoid this situation happening to your vehicle. And if you’re troubled by this, think about how you can obtain a temporary tag for your vehicle. Then you are at the right place because there will be quite a lot to cover on this topic and we are going to elaborate on everything you need to know.

First, we are going to learn what is the Florida temporary tag and the two uses of this tag. Then we are going to cover the requirements of this tag and what you should meet in order to get one for yourself. Then we will cover the costs involved in this type of work. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is A Florida Temporary Tag

Now before we dive into more complex topics like the usage of this tag. Let’s take a look at what is a Florida temporary tag in general. Why is this necessary? Well, there are a lot of people who don’t understand the legal procedures that are associated with them, so we think that this needs a thorough elaboration so you are able to understand more about this tag.

Even though this is called a temporary tag. This in fact is a license plate. Temporary one but still a license plate that you slap on the place where you usually attach the real license plates.

This license plate gives you the ability to drive the car whenever you want until your real license plate is issued and you can pick them up and attach these new plates instead of the temporary ones.

Similar to the real ones, these license plates are also issued by the DMV, also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Even if you purchase a car from a dealer, they are able also to issue you temporary license plates. But more on this, we are going to elaborate later on in the article.

The important thing for you to know is that these license plates are rather essential if you want to drive your car on the streets. Because if you drive your vehicle without the Florida temporary tag, you are risking a big hefty fine or even losing your ability to drive a car. So, keep this in mind and don’t try anything silly.

How Long A Florida Temporary Tag Lasts

So, we learned what is a Florida temporary tag for your car. And now it is time to cover another topic and that is how long these temporary tags last overall. This is a really important thing to note because as we said, these are only temporary plates that do not last forever and you need to be aware of that.

These license plates can last from 10, 30, or 90 days. Even though the most commonly issued license plate is the one that only lasts for 30 days. And these license plates are often issued by dealerships.

The purpose of the temporary license plate usually determines how long a license plate should last.

So, if you want you can get yourself a temporary tag for even up to 90 days if you want so. But what is important is that you cannot abuse this tag by renewing it over and over again.

Florida Temporary Tag

Renewing the tag is an infraction and you could get fined because of this. Also, if you want to issue a temporary tag on a fictive person in order to conceal the identity of the car owner is also a felony and you could face some jail time.

This is why you need to use the Florida temporary tag rather carefully and avoid making infractions and having problems with the law. These tags are not created for playing and making fools of the authorities and reissuing them over and over. But rather to help you out and allow you to drive the car until you get your real license plate.

But what about the uses of this temporary tag? Let’s cover them in the following chapters and learn more about the usage of these tags. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

Florida Temporary Tag Uses

So, we learned about the Florida temporary tag and covered more about how long these temporary tags last. We think that now it is time to cover something more about its uses.

We need to understand more about why these tags are used and by whom and how long they last for a specific purpose. Briefly, we covered that before but now we will explain everything in great detail for the people who are still confused when it comes to the usage of these two tags. So, if you want to learn more about this, follow along because there will be quite a lot to cover on this topic.

1. Dealer Use

Now let’s discuss the dealer’s use for this Florida temporary tag. As you probably know there is private use that is used for individuals and dealer use of temporary tags that are intended for businesses that sell new cars.

As we previously mentioned, dealers can give customers a 30-day temporary tag to allow them to apply for tag and registration for their customers. This means that the customer that bought a new car from them, can use the temporary tag that the dealer gave them free for 30 days until the dealership sorts out the title and the new registration plates that will be permanent.

For this purpose, the Florida DMV requires the dealers to choose a pre-approved vendor in order to process the Electronic Temporary Registration applications. Also known as ETR applications. For more on the vendors, you can check out the link.

So, once you have contact with an ETR provider, you as a dealer can purchase pre-printed temporary license plates from this ETR provider.

Florida Temporary Tag

But in order for you to be able to get dealer plates, understandably, you need to have a dealer’s license and have your own company.

Each dealer can require between 5 and 25 plates per single transaction from the ETR provider that provides the plates as well as filling up the HSMV 83090 form.

Each temporary plate cost about $2. And a service fee for each transaction cost about $2.5. If there is some outage of the ETR, the dealer can issue pre-printed license plates that are valid for 30 days. Overall, that’s all you need to know when it comes to the Florida temporary tag for dealers.

2. Non-Dealer Use

Now let’s discuss more about the non-dealer license plate and when these license plates are issued. As we already explained, there are three types of non-dealer Florida temporary tags.

These are the 10-day, 30-day, and 90-day tags. And each one of these tags is issued for a specific purpose. This means that you cannot issue a 90-day tag for something simple. So, let’s cover this briefly and learn what these tags are issued when it comes to non-dealer use.

10 Day Temporary Tag

Now let’s cover more on the 10-day Florida temporary tag. Why you will need one of these tags for your car?

Well, let’s say that you failed your emissions testing and you don’t have any other choice. You need a tag to drive the car. So, in order to be able to drive the vehicle, you will need a temporary tag in order to drive the car until you get things sorted out.

Also, there are situations when you need to have your VIN number verified when you apply for a title. Or possibly the vehicle needs to be inspected before you get a title issued in your name.

Both of these situations require waiting and on average you need about 10 days to sort out these issues and get your new license and title issued. So, this 10-day temporary tag will do the trick.

There are also other reasons to have a 10-day Florida temporary tag issued. But these are the first ones that came to our minds. Now let’s move on and cover the 30-day temporary tag that is issued to non-dealers.

30 Day Temporary Tag

Now let’s take a look at the next type of Florida temporary tag. And this is the 30-day temporary tag. As you probably know, this type of tag is issued in different situations that require the usage of a temporary tag. These are usually longer procedures that require the length of the tag to be longer. So, let’s discuss a couple of examples.

In the first example, let’s say that you are a private seller and you want to sell a car to someone. You don’t have a registration on the car and you cannot drive the car on the street. So, what you can do is you can get a 30-day tag in order to show the car to potential customers and allow them to have a test drive without you worrying that police might stop you and fine you.

But take note that this type of temporary tag cannot be given to cars that previously were not registered in Florida. Your car needs to be in the Florida DMV system in order for you to get this type of tag.

Other uses of this 30-day tag are for banks and other financial institutions that are not required to be licensed but still need temporary licenses in order to demonstrate the repossessions for sale.

Also, a situation when the motor vehicle is sold in Florida to a resident from another state for registration in their native state, and this resident is not required to be registered in Florida.

The fourth scenario is when the out-of-state resident has to secure ownership documentation from their home state. The fifth scenario is for use of a commercial vehicle if the vehicle remains in Florida.

90 Day Temporary Tag

So, we covered the 10-day and 30-day Florida temporary tags. Now let’s discuss the 90-day temporary tag that you can get from the Florida DMV. What is the main purpose of this tag? This tag last the longest so probably a lot of people are asking themselves whether they can get a 90-day tag issued on their vehicle. So, let’s answer this question.

The 90-day tag can be issued in two situations. The first situation when this type of tag is issued is whenever you wait for your license plates and stickers to get issued.

Sometimes, issuing new plates can take a longer period. So, whenever this is the case, you might be even issued a 90-day temporary tag for your car.

Also, there is another situation when you have a personal license plate ordered. These are also known as vanity plates. These are fully personalized designs that are more expensive to obtain than your standard license plate and these often require longer waiting periods of time.

So, until you wait to get your fully personalized license plate, you will be issued a 90-day Florida temporary tag. Then after you receive your plates even before this tag expires, you are obliged to remove the temporary license plate and replace it with the new personalized license plate that you have ordered. But what about the requirements, what kind of requirements do you have to meet in order to get these tags? Let’s cover more on that next.

Florida Temporary Tag Requirements

Now another thing that we would like to cover when it comes to the Florida temporary tag is the requirements.

You still need to know where you are eligible to get a temporary tag for your car. We briefly covered this in the previous chapters where we elaborated more on the types of tags for dealers and non-dealers. But let’s further elaborate on them in the following two chapters.

1. Dealer Usage Requirements

Dealers as we said need to apply in order to be able to issue Florida temporary tags to their customers. This is done in the DMV.

For this purpose, you will need to have a dealer’s license. Without a dealer’s license, you are simply ineligible to issue these license plates.

Florida Temporary Tag

The dealer has a law obligation to issue you a temporary tag. Because if you don’t have a tag issued. He could be liable against the law. So, you should know this information and make sure that whenever you buy a car. It is your right to get a temporary tag.

The dealer type of temporary tags usually lasts around 30 days and after this time, you need to have your paperwork completed and the car title issued. If the papers are not complete, you can issue a new non-dealer temporary tag or ask the dealer to issue you a new temporary tag.

2. Non Dealer Requirements

Now let’s take a look at the nondealer requirements for the Florida temporary tag. Similar to the previous chapter, we briefly discussed these situations previously when we elaborated on the 10, 30, and 90-day tags. Still, let’s cover this briefly and see in which situations you meet the requirements for a non-dealer tag.

The first situation is the most common and that is when trying to get a custom vanity plate. These plates usually take a lot longer than the standard-issued license plates out there. So, you will definitely need a temporary tag while you get your new custom license plate for your vehicle.

The second situation when you are eligible for the Florida temporary tag is when you are a temporary resident but not moving to Florida. If you are a temporary resident and you are in Florida for a limited amount of time, then you definitely need to get a temporary tag since why you would need a permanent one if you move out from the state.

Another really common situation when you need a Florida temporary tag is when you are a new resident that is looking for proof of ownership of the car. Let’s say that you need some time for your car title to get reissued in Florida from the other state where you moved in. And for this purpose, you need a Florida temporary tag until you sort out the papers.

Still, you want to consult with the DMV in order to be sure that you are eligible to have a temporary tag. There are some situations when you need to investigate deeper and ask the DMV people if you are eligible for this.

Can You Abuse The Temporary Florida Tag Access

A lot of people are simply trying to abuse these temporary tags and use them on everything. Especially dealers.

The rule of thumb is that if you have a dealer tag, you have the superpower to slap it on anything you desire. But this isn’t actually the case and if you get noticed, you could face some serious repercussions. You just can’t slap the tag on anything out there. Someone will want to check and when you get checked, things can be realized by the officials.

This is why abusing dealer Florida temporary tags is something that you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to end up in trouble. And trust me, you just don’t want to have trouble with the law and break these rules. Now let’s move on to the last topic for today and that is the cost of the temporary tag.

Florida Temporary Tag Cost

So, we learned all we needed to learn when it comes to the Florida car tags. Now let’s take a look at the price. How expensive are these tags?

Well, for dealers, the cost for the tag is only $2. And this is a true bargain, to be honest. For non-dealers, they cost pretty much the same amount of money. So, you shouldn’t be worried much about the costs in general. Now let’s conclude this article.


In this article, we covered the Florida temporary tag. First, we learned what this temporary tag really is and how long the temporary tag lasts.

We learned that there are two types of temporary tags. One issued by the dealer and one for non-dealer use. We elaborated on the purpose of these tags for the dealers as well as for the non-dealers. We also covered the requirements that you need to have as a dealer and non-dealer. As well as the costs involved when it comes to issuing one of these tags. And we concluded that they are rather inexpensive.


Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What To Do With Old License Plates

One thing that you can do is to return them to the DMV. You can do that if you desire. But this can take you time and paperwork to complete. A lot simpler is to hang them on the wall in your garage and remember the good times when you drove that car. That’s what a lot of car guys do.

Can You Look Up License Plates

Yes, you can look up license plates online. There are a lot of websites that offer this option. Just browse the web with the phrase “license plate lookup” and you will get a ton of different results.

What Is My License Plate Number

Your license plate number is the number that is on the license plate. This is usually a combination of letters and numbers. If you lost the license plates, you might want to check your registration papers to find the number.

How Much Is A Tag In Florida

A tag in Florida is rather inexpensive. About $2, this is even a cheaper deal than a cup of coffee nowadays. So, if you need one, go to your DMV and have one issued to you if you meet the requirements.

How Much Does A Florida License Plate Cost

The initial fee for registration is rather expensive. It will cost you about $225. But for regular annual renewals, you can expect to pay between $14.50 to $32.50 for cars that weigh up to 3,500lbs.

Where To Get License Plates

You can get license plates at your local DMV. Each state has a DMV, also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles. There you will be able to get license plates for your car. Still, you need to have documents for the car.

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