How To Prep Up For Getting Your Car Painted 

by Paul Hadley

Painting a car isn’t a piece of cake and requires lots of effort and care to get the best results. Before painting your vehicle, there are a few things that ought to be done to the car in order to make it ready for the same.

If you want to have your car shine after being painted, then you need to consider the following points before actually beginning the painting process. Here is the stepwise approach, right from the start to the point just before starting with покраска авто таллинн.

Get rid of the dents by repairing

If there are scratches on your car, then you need to remove them to smoothen the surface to be painted. You can bring in use a dent repair kit to serve the purpose. A suction cup of suitable size can be glued to the dented area and when the glue becomes hard, pull it firmly to restore the metal to its original shape. At congested surfaces, a small hammer can be used to get rid of the dents.

Post dent removal, it is vital to fill in depressions with a filler material. Body filler putty is used to occupy the vacant or depressed areas and make the surface look plain. Ensure that you use the optimum quantity of filler material and allow the same to harden thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

Make the surface smooth by sanding

After the filler material is applied, it’s time to sand the hardened filler surface so as to bring it to the level of the car’s metal surface. Use good quality sandpaper meant specifically for sanding the car’s exterior. You need to be careful while sanding the surface and avoid the appearance of lines or ridges, which could show up on the painted surface. In order to remove the old paint from the car’s exterior, make use of a high-speed electric sander. The process may be a bit time consuming, but it is a necessary practice and must be done effectively.

Remember not to rush while doing so as it may cause damage to the surface. Move the sander in a circular fashion to get the best outcome. Be patient and try to finish this job with utmost care so as to get the surface ready for paint in a healthy manner.

Apply primer coating

Coating the metal surface with primer is a must-to-do step if you want to paint your car effectively. The application of primer, first of all, reduces risks of corrosion. Apart from this, applying paint over the primer coating gives a clean appearance, and the paint shows its true color and shine. Painting directly over the metal surface isn’t going to give a good impression, and the surface becomes more prone to corrosion. Thus, applying a primer is a common practice and shouldn’t be neglected.

Make sure that you take care of these essentials and avoid any sort of mistakes while getting this job done.

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