Lug Nut Size: A Thorough Guide

by Conner Mckay

Lug nuts, otherwise known as lug bolts, have an important job on your vehicle. They hold the wheel to the tire. Despite having no universal lug nut size, lug nuts tend to be similar in thread count. There are about 10 thread pitches and sizes that make up lug nuts.

Understanding the difference between lug nut sizes and types is extremely important because you will need that knowledge to replace once if and when lost/damaged.

Are All Lug Nuts The Same Size

This may be the biggest misconception of them all – that lug nuts all have the same shape. Lug nuts can be categorized based on their sizes and thread pitches. The wrong size or thread pitch lug nut can damage a wheel.

Lug Nut Size

You can know the thread size (thread diameter) of the lug nuts of your vehicle by using any one of these techniques:

  • Refer to the owner’s manual
  • Measure across the outside diameter of the wheel stud thread
  • Bring a lug to your local hardware store and test it on available bolts
  • A thread pitch gauge (can be found in almost every hardware store).

Lug Nut Size

The most commonly found lug nut sizes are:

  • 10mm x 1.25
  • 12mm x 1.25
  • 12mm x 1.50
  • 12mm x 1.75
  • 14mm x 1.25
  • 14mm x 1.50
  • 14mm x 2.0
  • 7/16″ x 20
  • 1/2″ x 20
  • 9/16″ x 20

Lug Nut Socket Size

Whether you use a torque wrench, lug wrench, regular socket, or an impact socket, you have to use the right size to tighten or loosen lug bolt or lug nuts. The socket size is usually manufacturer-specific but it can change with time. A few of the more sizes you’ll find include:

  • 23 mm
  • 22mm (7/8″ fits too)
  • 21mm (13/16″ fits too)
  • 19mm (3/4″ fits too)
  • 17mm

Types Of Lug Nuts

There are a variety of lug bolts and lug nuts out there. All eight of the lug nuts have a set of distinct features that make them suitable/unsuitable for a certain kind of vehicle. Many of these are rarely found outside the busy commercial scenery.

1. Conical Seat

Conical lug nuts, also known as acorn lug nuts, are the most common kind of lug nuts today. The seat usually bends inward at a 60-degree angle. Conical lug nuts fit perfectly inside a cone-shaped hole and are very easy to work with.

2. Ball Seat

Rather than a cone shape, the seat on ball lug nuts is spherical or rounded. Once installed, ball lug nuts and conical lug nuts are hard to differentiate between as they have very similar heads. A bit rarer than conical lug nuts, ball seat lug nuts are generally found on specific Volkswagen, Audi, and Honda cars.

3. Flat Seat

As the name would suggest, flat seat lug nuts have a flat seat and resemble washers. Amongst all the lug nuts available, flat-seated ones are arguably the most difficult and frustrating to work with. Centering them can be rather tricky as they come with a small barrel that is supposed to enter the lughole.

Lug Nut Size

If not centered properly, the stem tends to catch which makes it seem like the lug nut is fastened even though it isn’t. As the surface area of flat surfaces is more than others, these lug nuts are more prone to sticking and can be harder to remove.

4. Extended Thread

An extended thread (ET) features a longer thread, similar to the average conical lug nut.  This is great in cases where the mounting surface and the wheel studs’ length do not allow necessary thread engagement for regular lug nuts. 

The longer thread length facilitates engagement to securely attach the wheels and keep them like that.

5. Mag Seat

This is another kind of extended thread lug that comes with a washer seat instead. It’s primarily used in similar conditions where a longer thread is needed. However, instead of a tapered, conical bottom, they feature a flat seat. The washer may or may not be there. Mag seats used to be made from magnesium at one time and thus, the name.

6. Tuner Style

Different kinds of aftermarket wheels, particularly for Acuras, Hondas, and similar Asian tuner cars, are equipped with smaller diameter holes. Due to this, standard conical lug nuts do not fit so there is a need for narrower, tuner-style lug nuts. A special tuning key is needed to loosen or tighten these acorn seat tuner lugs. Then, a regular socket goes on top of the key like any other lug nut.

The tuning key is provided with a set of tuner lug nuts but you can also purchase one individually if the key is lost. As tuner-style lug nuts have openings in the center, moisture and air can get to the threads and studs and cause corrosion. Due to this, tuner-style lug nuts aren’t as popular as some of the other lug nut types. The spline drive style is a better alternative.

7. Spline Drive

Spline drive lug nuts also have a conical seat and use a special key. The difference is that in place of an opening in the center, spline drive lug nuts feature narrow grooves on the sides and top of the lug nut to hold the key. But the problem with corrosion isn’t there so that’s a big plus.

It’s noteworthy that the pattern on tuner style and spline drive nuts isn’t unique; you can’t use them as a theft deterrent. Replacement keys are readily available online or in auto parts stores.

8. Lug Bolt

Used primarily on German cars such as Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW, lug bolt lug nuts come with a bolt/stud attached. They are directly threaded into the hub through the brake rotor hat.

Why Germans prefer bolts to nuts is a question as old as time but one explanation might be that it’s cheaper in comparison to pressing studs into a rotor assembly in manufacturing. Alternatively, replacing a broken lug nut is easier than replacing a stud.

Whatever it may be, installing the wheels becomes harder since you just cannot hang the wheels while the lug nuts are being installed. Instead, you have to first ensure the rotor plate holes align with the hub holes, then raise the wheel assembly, and secure it in place while the first few lug bolts are installed. 

There are some methods you can use to make the task easier but regardless of everything, the process is still more complicated than one with lug nuts.

Lug Nut Size: Acura Years Type
All (except below) 1986-On Nut
MDX 2002-2006 Nut
MDX 2007-On Nut
RL 2005-On Nut
TL 2004-2008 Nut
TL 2009-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Alfa Romeo Years Type
All 1972-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Audi Years Type
All 1988-On Bolt
4000 1980-1987 Bolt
Lug Nut Size: Bentley Years Type
Continental 2004-2017 Bolt
Flying Spur 2014-On Bolt
Mulsanne 2011-On Bolt
Lug Nut Size: BMW Years Type
All 1962-1976 Nut
All (except below) 1977-On Bolt
7 Series 2002-2008 Bolt
7 Series 2009-On Bolt
X3 2003-On Bolt
X5 2000-2006 Bolt
X5 2006-On Bolt
X6 2008-On Bolt
Lug Nut Size: Buick Years Type
All (front-wheel drive) 1979-1989 Nut
Allure 2005-On Nut
Apollo 1973-1981 Nut
Century 1973-1981 Nut
Century 1982-On Nut
Electra 1958-1984 Nut
Electra 1985-1991 Nut
Enclave 2008-On Nut
Grand Sport 1961-1982 Nut
Lacrosse 2005-On Nut
Le Sabre 1961-1976 Nut
Lucerne 2006-On Nut
Limited 1980-On Nut
Opel 1968-1979 Nut
Park Avenue 1984-2005 Nut
Rainier 2004-On Nut
Reatta 1988-1992 Nut
Regal 1977-1981 Nut
Regal 1982-2004 Nut
Rendezvous 2002-On Nut
Riviera 1963-1978 Nut
Riviera 1979-1999 Nut
Roadmaster 1991-1996 Nut
Skyhawk 1975-1981 Nut
Skyhawk 1982-1991 Nut
Skylark 1962-1979 Nut
Skylark, Somerset 1980-1998 Nut
Special/Special Wagon 1967-1977 Nut
Terraza 2005-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Cadillac Years Type
All (front-wheel drive) 1979-On Nut
Allante 1979-1993 Nut
Brougham 1987-1990 Nut
CTS, CTS-V 2003-2007 Nut
CTS, CTS-V 2008-On Nut
Deville (RWD) 1962-1985 Nut
Deville (FWD) 1986-2005 Nut
DTS 2006-On Nut
El Dorado 1953-1978 Nut
El Dorado 1979-2002 Nut
Escalade 1999-On Nut
Fleetwood (RWD) 1960-1986 Nut
Fleetwood (FWD) 1987-1996 Nut
Seville 1975-1976 Nut
Seville 1977-1979 Nut
Seville 1980-On Nut
SRX, XLR, XLR-V 2004-On Nut
STS, STS-V 2005-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Chevrolet/GEO (Cars) Years Type
Aveo 2004-On Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne 1954-1970 Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne 1971-1976 Nut
Beretta 1988-1996 Nut
Camaro 1967-1981 Nut
Camaro 1982-2002 Nut
Camaro 2010-On Nut
Caprice 1968-1976 Nut
Caprice 1977-1990 Nut
Caprice (station wagon, V8) 1977-1990 Nut
Caprice and Wagon 1991-1996 Nut
Cavalier, Celebrity, Corsica 1982-2005 Nut
Chevelle 1964-1976 Nut
Chevette 1976-1987 Nut
Citation 1980-1985 Nut
Cobalt 2005-On Nut
Corvette 1953-1983 Nut
Corvette 1984-On Nut
Epica, Optra 2004-2007 Nut
Equinox 2005-On Nut
Geo Metro 1990-1994 Nut
Geo Metro 1995-2001 Nut
Geo Metro Convertible 1990-1993 Nut
Geo Prizm, Storm 1990-2002 Nut
Geo Tracker 1989-2004 Nut
HHR 2006-On Nut
Impala 1958-1970 Nut
Impala 1971-1976 Nut
Impala 1977-1984 Nut
Impala (station wagon, V8) 1977-1984 Nut
Impala 1993-On Nut
Laguna, Monza, Vega 1965-1981 Nut
Lumina, Lumina APV 1989-2001 Nut
Malibu 1964-1981 Nut
Malibu 1982-On Nut
Metro 1995-2001 Nut
Monte Carlo 1970-1981 Nut
Monte Carlo 1982-On Nut
Nova, Chevy II 1962-1979 Nut
Nova 1986-1989 Nut
Spectrum 1985-1989 Nut
SSR 2004-2006 Nut
Lug Nut Size: Chevrolet/GMC (Trucks & SUVs) Years Type
Acadia 2007-On Nut
Avalanche 2002-On Nut
Astro Van 1985-2002 Nut
Astro Van 2003-2005 Nut
Blazer 4WD (6-lug) 1971-1991 Nut
Blazer 2WD (5-lug) 1971-1991 Nut
Blazer 1992-1994 Nut
S-10 Blazer 1983-2005 Nut
S-10 1983-2004 Nut
Caballero, El Camino 1964-1981 Nut
Caballero, El Camino 1982-1987 Nut
Canyon 2004-On Nut
C-10 1971-1988 Nut
C-1500 1971-1987 Nut
Chevy 3/4 Ton Van 1960-1981 Nut
Colorado 2004-On Nut
Envoy 1999-On Nut
Express Van, Denali 1996-On Nut
Equinox 2005-On Nut
Jimmy (5-lug) 1969-1970 Nut
Jimmy (5-lug) 1971-1991 Nut
Jimmy (6-lug) 1971-1991 Nut
Luv 1972-1984 Nut
Pickup (5-lug) 1971-1987 Nut
Pickup (6-lug) 1937-1987 Nut
Pickup (8-lug) 1965-1987 Nut
Pickups (All) 1988-On Nut
S-15, Sonoma, Jimmy 1983-On Nut
Safari 1985-2002 Nut
Safari 2003-2005 Nut
Savana 1992-On Nut
Silverado 1996-On Nut
Sierra 1999-On Nut
Sprint 1964-1981 Nut
SSR 2004-2006 Nut
Suburban (5-lug) 1969-1970 Nut
Suburban (5-lug) 1971-1991 Nut
Suburban (6-lug) 1969-1991 Nut
Suburban (8-lug) 1969-1991 Nut
Suburban, Yukon 1992-On Nut
Tahoe 1995-On Nut
Tracker 1989-2004 Nut
Traverse 2009-On Nut
Trailblazer, Trailblazer XL 2002-On Nut
Uplander 2005-On Nut
Van/Express 1996-On Nut
Van (5-lug; except Express & Savana) 1971-1996 Nut
Van (6-lug; except Express & Savana) 1971-1996 Nut
Van (8-lug; except Express & Savana) 1965-1996 Nut
Ventura Minivan 1997-2005 Nut
Yukon, Yukon Denali 2000-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Chrysler Years Type
300, 300C 2005-On Nut
300M 1999-2004 Nut
300M 2005-On Nut
Aspen 2007-On Nut
Cirrus 1995-2001 Nut
Concorde, LHS 1993-2004 Nut
Cordoba, Mirada, Newport 1971-On Nut
Crossfire 2004-On Bolt
E-Class 1981-1988 Nut
Imperial 1990-1995 Nut
Le Baron 1982-1995 Nut
New Yorker (FWD) 1983-1998 Nut
New Yorker Fifth Ave. 1971-1992 Nut
Pacifica 2004-On Nut
PT Cruiser 2000-On Nut
Sebring 1995-On Nut
Town & Country 1982-On Nut
Windsor 1960-1961 Nut
Lug Nut Size: Daewoo Years Type
Lanos 1999-2002 Bolt
Leganza, Nubira 2000-2002 Nut
Lug Nut Size: Daihatsu Years Type
Charade 1989-1992 Nut
Rocky 1990-1992 Nut
Lug Nut Size: Dodge (Cars) Years Type
400, 600, 600ES, Aries 1981-1984 Nut
Aspen, Demon 1973-1980 Nut
Avenger 1995-On Nut
Caliber 2007-On Nut
Caravan, Grand Caravan 1982-On Nut
Challenger 1971-1977 Nut
Challenger 1978-1983 Nut
Challenger 2009-On Nut
Charger 1966-1970 Nut
Charger 1971-1976 Nut
Charger 1978-1988 Nut
Charger 2006-On Nut
Colt, Lancer 1970-1993 Nut
Conquest 1982-1988 Nut
Coronet 1965-1977 Nut
D50 1975-1994 Nut
Dart 1960-1964 Nut
Dart (without disc brakes) 1971-1976 Nut
Dart (with disc brakes) 1971-1976 Nut
Daytona, Monaco, Shelby 1981-1994 Nut
Diplomat 1977-1988 Nut
Dynasty 1988-1995 Nut
Intrepid 1993-2004 Nut
Journey 2009-On Nut
Magnum 2005-On Nut
Mirada, St. Regis, Swinger 1971-1983 Nut
Neon, SRT-4 1994-2005 Nut
Nitro 2007-On Nut
Omni, O24, De Tomaso 1978-1991 Nut
Shadow, Spirit 1987-1995 Nut
Stealth 1991-1996 Nut
Stratus 1995-2006 Nut
Viper 1992-On Nut
Lug Nut Size: Dodge (Trucks & SUVs) Years Type
B-100, W-100, W-150 1970-On Nut
Dakota 1987-2004 Nut
Dakota 2005-On Nut
Durango 1998-2003 Nut
Durango 2004-On Nut
Pickup 1971-1993 Nut
Pickup 2002-On Nut
Pickup 1500 1994-2001 Nut
Pickup 1500 2002-On Nut
Pickup 2500 & 3500 1994-On Nut
Raider 1987-1989 Nut
Ram Charger 1971-1992 Nut
Ram 50, Dodge 4WD Pickup 1982-On Nut
SRT-10 2004-On Nut
Sprinter Wagon 2004-On Bolt
Van 1971-2003 Nut
Van 2500 & 3500 1994-2003 Nut
Lug Nut Size: Eagle Years Type
All 1988-On Nut
Ferrari Years Type
360 Challenge 2004-2005 Bolt
612 2004-2011 Bolt
California 2009-On Bolt
F430 2005-2009 Bolt
Italia 2010-2015 Bolt
Modena 2000-2005 Bolt
Spider 2012-2015 Bolt
FIAT (Cars) Years Type
500 Series 2012-2018 Bolt
500L 2014-On Bolt
500X 2016-On Bolt
Abarth 2012-2017 Bolt
Ford (Cars) Years Type
Aspire 1995-1997 Bolt
Contour 1995-2001 Nut
Courier 1977-1983 Nut
Crown Victoria, LTD 1960-On Nut
Custom All Nut
Edge 2007-On Nut
Escort, EXP 1981-1983 Nut
Escort, EXP, Festiva, ZX2 1984-On Nut
Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, Futura All Nut
Fiesta 1977-On Nut
Five Hundred 2005-On Nut
Focus 2000-On Nut
Fusion 2006-On Nut
Galaxie, Granada All Nut
Maverick All Nut
Mustang 1965-On Nut
Pinto All Nut
Probe 1988-2008 Nut
Tempo 1984-1994 Nut
Taurus 1986-2007 Nut
Taurus 2008-On Nut
Thunderbird 1955-1988 Nut
Thunderbird 1989-On Nut
Torino All Nut
Transit Connect 2010-On Nut
Ford (Trucks & SUVs) Years Type
Aerostar 1986-1997 Nut
Bronco, Club Wagon, F-100 All Nut
Courier 1977-1983 Nut
Escape 2001-On Nut
Excursion 2000-2002 Nut
Excursion 2003-On Nut
Expedition 1997-1999 Nut
Expedition 2000-On Nut
Explorer 1991-On Nut
Flex 2009-On Nut
Freestar 2004-On Nut
Freestyle 2005-On Nut
F-150 1960-1996 Nut
F-150 1997-1999 Nut
F-150 2000-On Nut
F-250 1981-1996 Nut
F-250 1997-1999 Nut
F-250 2000-2002 Nut
F-250 2003-On Nut
F-350 1981-1996 Nut
F-350, F-450, F-550 1997-2002 Nut
F-350, F-450, F-550 2003-On Nut
Ranchero All Nut
Ranger 1983-On Nut
Van (E50, E100, E200) All Nut
Van (E250, E350) All Nut
Windstar 1994-2003 Nut
Genesis Years Type
G70 2019-On Nut
G80 2017-On Nut
G90 2017-On Nut
Honda Years Type
All 1976-1980 Nut
All (except below) 1980-On Nut
Odyssey, Ridgeline 2005-On Nut
Pilot 2009-On Nut
Hummer Years Type
Hummer 2 2005-2008 Nut
Hummer 3 2006-210 Nut
Hyundai Years Type
All Nut
Infiniti Years Type
All Nut
Isuzu Years Type
All Nut
Jaguar Years Type
All (except below 1976-On Nut
S Type, X Type, XJ 1999-On Nut
XF Type 2008-On Nut
Jeep Years Type
All (5-lug) Nut
All (6-lug) Nut
All (8-lug) Nut
Commander 2006-On Nut
Compass, Patriot 2007-On Nut
KIA Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Rio 2001-2002 Nut
Lamborghini Years Type
Gallardo 2006-2014 Bolt
Huracan 2015-On Bolt
Land Rover Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Freelander 2002-2005 Nut
Lexus Years Type
All (except below) 1990-On Nut
GX470 2004-On Nut
LS460, LS460L 2007-On Nut
LS600HL 2008-On Nut
LX470 1999-2003 Nut
LX570 2008-On Nut
Lincoln Years Type
Aviator, Town Car All Nut
Blackwood 2002-2003 Nut
Continental 1939-1987 Nut
Continental 1988-2002 Nut
LS 2000-2006 Nut
Mark 1967-1992 Nut
Mark LT 2006-On Nut
Mark VIII 1993-1998 Nut
MKS 2009-On Nut
MKX 2007-On Nut
MKZ 2007-On Nut
Navigator 1997-1999 Nut
Navigator 2000-On Nut
Zephyr 2006-On Nut
Lotus Years Type
Elise 2006-2011 Bolt
Evora 2010-2014 Bolt
Exige 2006-2011 Bolt
Maserati Years Type
Ghibli 2016-On Bolt
Gran Turismo 2008-2016 Bolt
Quattroporte 2006-On Bolt
Mazda Years Type
All (except below) All Nut
B2300, B2500, B3000, B4000 1993-On Nut
Navajo 1993-On Nut
Mercedes-Benz Years Type
All (except below) All Bolt
500 SEL 1992-On Bolt
C Class 2008-On Bolt
CL Class 2003-On Bolt
CLS Class 2006-On Bolt
G Class 2002-On Bolt
GL Class 2007-On Bolt
GLK Class 2010-On Bolt
E Class 2002-On Bolt
M Class 1998-On Bolt
R Class 2006-On Bolt
S Class, SL Class 2001-On Bolt
Mercury Years Type
Bobcat 1975-1981 Nut
Capri 1979-1990 Nut
Capri 1991-1994 Nut
Cornet 1963-1980 Nut
Cougar 1967-1988 Nut
Cougar 1989-2002 Nut
Cyclone 1963-1987 Nut
Grand Marquis 1979-On Nut
LN7, Lynx 1981-1983 Nut
LN7, Lynx 1983-1987 Nut
Marauder 2003-2004 Nut
Mariner 2005-On Nut
Marquis 1967-1990 Nut
Milan 2006-On Nut
Montego 1968-On Nut
Monterey 2004-2006 Nut
Mountaineer 1977-On Nut
Mystique All Nut
Sable 1986-2005 Nut
Sable 2008-On Nut
Topaz All Nut
Tracer All Nut
Villager 1993-2003 Nut
Merkur Years Type
All Nut
MINI Years Type
Cooper, Cooper S 2002-2006 Bolt
All 2007-On Bolt
MG Years Type
All Nut
Mitsubishi Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Raider 2006-On Nut
Nissan/Datsun Years Type
All (except below) 1972-On Nut
1600, 2000 1965-1971 Nut
Oldsmobile Years Type
All (except below) Nut
98 1960-1984 Nut
Bravada 2002-2004 Nut
Custom Cruiser 1981-1990 Nut
Custom Cruiser 1991-1995 Nut
Cutlass, F85 1964-1981 Nut
Cutlass 1982-1999 Nut
Delta 88 1977-1985 Nut
Delta 88 (station wagon, V8) 1977-1985 Nut
Delta 88 1986-On Nut
Tornado 1966-1978 Nut
Tornado 1979-1996 Nut
Peugeot Years Type
All Nut
Plymouth Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Barracuda (w/ disc brakes) 1971-1976 Nut
Barracuda (w/o disc brakes) 1971-1976 Nut
Belvedere 1971-1976 Nut
Duster 1973-1980 Nut
Duster, Dart 1963-1974 Nut
Fury, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite 1971-1989 Nut
Trailduster, Van 1976-1988 Nut
Valiant 1971-1976 Nut
Voyager 1984-On Nut
Voyager 4×4 1974-1983 Nut
Pontiac Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Bonneville, Catalina 1960-1976 Nut
Bonneville, Catalina 1977-1981 Nut
Bonneville (station wagon, V8) 1977-1981 Nut
Bonneville 1982-2005 Nut
Firebird 1967-1981 Nut
Firebird 1982-2002 Nut
G8 2008-On Nut
Grand Am, Grand Prix 1969-1981 Nut
Grand Am 1985-2005 Nut
Grand Prix 1982-On Nut
Lemans, Tempest 1964-1981 Nut
Porsche Years Type
All (except below) 1965-1997 Nut
911, 914, 924 1997-On Bolt
Cayman, Cayman S 1997-On Bolt
Cayenne 2003-On Bolt
Renault Years Type
Alliance, Encore, Medallion All Nut
SAAB Years Type
9-2X 2005-On Nut
9-7X 2005-On Nut
900, 900 Turbo 1979-1987 Nut
900, 900 Turbo 1988-1993 Bolt
900, 9-3, 9-5 1994-On Bolt
9000 1986-On Bolt
Saturn Years Type
All (except below) 1991-On Nut
LS 1999-2004 Bolt
Outlook 2007-On Nut
Scion Years Type
All 2004-On Nut
SMART Years Type
Fortwo 2005-On Nut
Sterling Years Type
All Nut
Subaru Years Type
All Nut
Suzuki Years Type
All (except below) All Nut
Forenza, Verona 2004-On Nut
Reno 2005-On Nut
Swift 1995-2001 Nut
Swift 2004-On Nut
Tesla Years Type
Model S 2012-On Nut
Roadster 2008-2012 Bolt
Toyota Years Type
All (except below) Nut
Land Cruiser 1998-On Nut
Sequoia 2008-On Nut
Tundra 2007-On Nut
Volkswagen Years Type
All (except below) All Bolt
Beetle 1968-On Bolt
Eos 2007-On Bolt
Eurovan MV 1993-1996 Bolt
Golf, GTI 1999-On Bolt
Jetta 1981-1998 Bolt
Jetta VR6 1993-2005 Bolt
Jetta 1999-On Bolt
Passat 1990-1997 Bolt
Passat VR6 1992-1997 Bolt
Passat 1998-On Bolt
Phaeton 2004-2005 Bolt
Rabbit 2007-On Bolt
Routan 2009-On Nut
Sedan (4-lug) 1968-1979 Bolt
Tiguan 2009-On Bolt
Touareg 2003-On Bolt
Transporter Van 1968-1979 Bolt
DL-240 1976-1986 Nut
DL-240 1987-On Nut
740, 760, 780, 940 All Nut
850, 880, 960 All Nut
SC70 All Bolt
C30 2007-On Nut
C70 1993-2004 Bolt
C70 2005 Bolt
C70 2006-On Nut
S40, V40, V50 2000-On Nut
S60 1993-On Bolt
S70 All Nut
S80 2000-On Bolt
S90, V90 1984-2003 Nut
V70 1993-1999 Bolt
V70 2000-On Bolt
V70 Cross Country All Nut
XC60, XC70, XC90 2000-On Bolt

Lug Nut Size Chart

If you want to know what lug nut size will work for your vehicle, check out the chart below which covers almost every car and truck that has been sold in the US since the ‘50s.

Acura Years Size
All (except below) 1986-On 12mm x 1.5
MDX 2002-2006 12mm x 1.5
MDX 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
RL 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
TL 2004-2008 12mm x 1.5
TL 2009-On 14mm x 1.5
Alfa Romeo Years Size
All 1972-On 12mm x 1.5
Audi Years Size
All 1988-On 14mm x 1.5
4000 1980-1987 12mm x 1.5
Bentley Years Size
Continental 2004-2017 14mm x 1.5
Flying Spur 2014-On 14mm x 1.5
Mulsanne 2011-On 14mm x 1.5
BMW Years Size
All 1962-1976 12mm x 1.5
All (except below) 1977-On 12mm x 1.5
7 Series 2002-2008 14mm x 1.5
7 Series 2009-On 14mm x 1.25
X3 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
X5 2000-2006 14mm x 1.5
X5 2006-On 14mm x 1.25
X6 2008-On 14mm x 1.25
Buick Years Size
All (front-wheel drive) 1979-1989 12mm x 1.5
Allure 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Apollo 1973-1981 7/16″ x 20
Century 1973-1981 7/16″ x 20
Century 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Electra 1958-1984 1/2″ x 20
Electra 1985-1991 12mm x 1.5
Enclave 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
Grand Sport 1961-1982 7/16″ x 20
Lacrosse 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Le Sabre 1961-1976 1/2″ x 20
Lucerne 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Limited 1980-On 12mm x 1.5
Opel 1968-1979 12mm x 1.5
Park Avenue 1984-2005 12mm x 1.5
Rainier 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
Reatta 1988-1992 12mm x 1.5
Regal 1977-1981 7/16″ x 20
Regal 1982-2004 12mm x 1.5
Rendezvous 2002-On 12mm x 1.5
Riviera 1963-1978 1/2″ x 20
Riviera 1979-1999 12mm x 1.5
Roadmaster 1991-1996 12mm x 1.5
Skyhawk 1975-1981 7/16″ x 20
Skyhawk 1982-1991 12mm x 1.5
Skylark 1962-1979 7/16″ x 20
Skylark, Somerset 1980-1998 12mm x 1.5
Special/Special Wagon 1967-1977 7/16″ x 20
Terraza 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Cadillac Years Size
All (front-wheel drive) 1979-On 12mm x 1.5
Allante 1979-1993 12mm x 1.5
Brougham 1987-1990 1/2″ x 20
CTS, CTS-V 2003-2007 12mm x 1.5
CTS, CTS-V 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
Deville (RWD) 1962-1985 1/2″ x 20
Deville (FWD) 1986-2005 12mm x 1.5
DTS 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
El Dorado 1953-1978 1/2″ x 20
El Dorado 1979-2002 12mm x 1.5
Escalade 1999-On 14mm x 1.5
Fleetwood (RWD) 1960-1986 1/2″ x 20
Fleetwood (FWD) 1987-1996 12mm x 1.5
Seville 1975-1976 7/16″ x 20
Seville 1977-1979 1/2″ x 20
Seville 1980-On 12mm x 1.5
SRX, XLR, XLR-V 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
STS, STS-V 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Chevrolet/GEO (Cars) Years Size
Aveo 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
Bel Air, Biscayne 1954-1970 7/16″ x 20
Bel Air, Biscayne 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Beretta 1988-1996 12mm x 1.5
Camaro 1967-1981 7/16″ x 20
Camaro 1982-2002 12mm x 1.5
Camaro 2010-On 14mm x 1.5
Caprice 1968-1976 1/2″ x 20
Caprice 1977-1990 7/16″ x 20
Caprice (station wagon, V8) 1977-1990 1/2″ x 20
Caprice and Wagon 1991-1996 12mm x 1.5
Cavalier, Celebrity, Corsica 1982-2005 12mm x 1.5
Chevelle 1964-1976 7/16″ x 20
Chevette 1976-1987 12mm x 1.5
Citation 1980-1985 12mm x 1.5
Cobalt 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Corvette 1953-1983 7/16″ x 20
Corvette 1984-On 12mm x 1.5
Epica, Optra 2004-2007 12mm x 1.5
Equinox 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Geo Metro 1990-1994 12mm x 1.25
Geo Metro 1995-2001 12mm x 1.25
Geo Metro Convertible 1990-1993 12mm x 1.25
Geo Prizm, Storm 1990-2002 12mm x 1.5
Geo Tracker 1989-2004 12mm x 1.25
HHR 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Impala 1958-1970 7/16″ x 20
Impala 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Impala 1977-1984 7/16″ x 20
Impala (station wagon, V8) 1977-1984 1/2″ x 20
Impala 1993-On 12mm x 1.5
Laguna, Monza, Vega 1965-1981 7/16″ x 20
Lumina, Lumina APV 1989-2001 12mm x 1.5
Malibu 1964-1981 7/16″ x 20
Malibu 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Metro 1995-2001 12mm x 1.25
Monte Carlo 1970-1981 7/16″ x 20
Monte Carlo 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Nova, Chevy II 1962-1979 7/16″ x 20
Nova 1986-1989 12mm x 1.5
Spectrum 1985-1989 12mm x 1.5
SSR 2004-2006 12mm x 1.5
Chevrolet/GMC (Trucks & SUVs) Years Size
Acadia 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
Avalanche 2002-On 1/2″ x 20
Astro Van 1985-2002 14mm x 1.5
Astro Van 2003-2005 7/16″ x 20
Blazer 4WD (6-lug) 1971-1991 1/2″ x 20
Blazer 2WD (5-lug) 1971-1991 14mm x 1.5
Blazer 1992-1994 12mm x 1.5
S-10 Blazer 1983-2005 12mm x 1.5
S-10 1983-2004 7/16″ x 20
Caballero, El Camino 1964-1981 12mm x 1.5
Caballero, El Camino 1982-1987 12mm x 1.5
Canyon 2004-On 1/2″ x 20
C-10 1971-1988 1/2″ x 20
C-1500 1971-1987 1/2″ x 20
Chevy 3/4 Ton Van 1960-1981 12mm x 1.5
Colorado 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
Envoy 1999-On 14mm x 1.5
Express Van, Denali 1996-On 12mm x 1.5
Equinox 2005-On 7/16″ x 20
Jimmy (5-lug) 1969-1970 1/2″ x 20
Jimmy (5-lug) 1971-1991 7/16″ x 20
Jimmy (6-lug) 1971-1991 12mm x 1.5
Luv 1972-1984 1/2″ x 20
Pickup (5-lug) 1971-1987 7/16″ x 20
Pickup (6-lug) 1937-1987 1/2″ x 20
Pickup (8-lug) 1965-1987 14mm x 1.5
Pickups (All) 1988-On 12mm x 1.5
S-15, Sonoma, Jimmy 1983-On 1/2″ x 20
Safari 1985-2002 14mm x 1.5
Safari 2003-2005 14mm x 1.5
Savana 1992-On 14mm x 1.5
Silverado 1996-On 14mm x 1.5
Sierra 1999-On 7/16″ x 20
Sprint 1964-1981 12mm x 1.5
SSR 2004-2006 7/16″ x 20
Suburban (5-lug) 1969-1970 1/2″ x 20
Suburban (5-lug) 1971-1991 7/16″ x 20
Suburban (6-lug) 1969-1991 9/16″ x 18
Suburban (8-lug) 1969-1991 14mm x 1.5
Suburban, Yukon 1992-On 14mm x 1.5
Tahoe 1995-On 12mm x 1.25
Tracker 1989-2004 14mm x 1.5
Traverse 2009-On 12mm x 1.5
Trailblazer, Trailblazer XL 2002-On 12mm x 1.5
Uplander 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
Van/Express 1996-On 1/2″ x 20
Van (5-lug; except Express & Savana) 1971-1996 7/16″ x 20
Van (6-lug; except Express & Savana) 1971-1996 1/2″ x 20
Van (8-lug; except Express & Savana) 1965-1996 12mm x 1.5
Ventura Minivan 1997-2005 14mm x 1.5
Yukon, Yukon Denali 2000-On 14mm x 1.5
Chrysler Years Size
300, 300C 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
300M 1999-2004 12mm x 1.5
300M 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
Aspen 2007-On 9/16″ x 18
Cirrus 1995-2001 12mm x 1.5
Concorde, LHS 1993-2004 12mm x 1.5
Cordoba, Mirada, Newport 1971-On 1/2″ x 20
Crossfire 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
E-Class 1981-1988 12mm x 1.5
Imperial 1990-1995 12mm x 1.5
Le Baron 1982-1995 12mm x 1.5
New Yorker (FWD) 1983-1998 12mm x 1.5
New Yorker Fifth Ave. 1971-1992 1/2″ x 20
Pacifica 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
PT Cruiser 2000-On 12mm x 1.5
Sebring 1995-On 12mm x 1.5
Town & Country 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Windsor 1960-1961 1/2″ x 20
Daewoo Years Size
Lanos 1999-2002 12mm x 1.5
Leganza, Nubira 2000-2002 12mm x 1.5
Daihatsu Years Size
Charade 1989-1992 12mm x 1.5
Rocky 1990-1992 12mm x 1.5
Dodge (Cars) Years Size
400, 600, 600ES, Aries 1981-1984 12mm x 1.5
Aspen, Demon 1973-1980 1/2″ x 20
Avenger 1995-On 12mm x 1.5
Caliber 2007-On 12mm x 1.5
Caravan, Grand Caravan 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Challenger 1971-1977 1/2″ x 20
Challenger 1978-1983 12mm x 1.5
Challenger 2009-On 14mm x 1.5
Charger 1966-1970 1/2″ x 20
Charger 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Charger 1978-1988 12mm x 1.5
Charger 2006-On 14mm x 1.5
Colt, Lancer 1970-1993 12mm x 1.5
Conquest 1982-1988 12mm x 1.5
Coronet 1965-1977 1/2″ x 20
D50 1975-1994 12mm x 1.5
Dart 1960-1964 1/2″ x 20
Dart (without disc brakes) 1971-1976 7/16″ x 20
Dart (with disc brakes) 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Daytona, Monaco, Shelby 1981-1994 12mm x 1.5
Diplomat 1977-1988 1/2″ x 20
Dynasty 1988-1995 12mm x 1.5
Intrepid 1993-2004 12mm x 1.5
Journey 2009-On 12mm x 1.5
Magnum 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
Mirada, St. Regis, Swinger 1971-1983 1/2″ x 20
Neon, SRT-4 1994-2005 12mm x 1.5
Nitro 2007-On 1/2″ x 20
Omni, O24, De Tomaso 1978-1991 12mm x 1.5
Shadow, Spirit 1987-1995 12mm x 1.5
Stealth 1991-1996 12mm x 1.5
Stratus 1995-2006 12mm x 1.5
Viper 1992-On 1/2″ x 20
Dodge (Trucks & SUVs) Years Size
B-100, W-100, W-150 1970-On 1/2″ x 20
Dakota 1987-2004 1/2″ x 20
Dakota 2005-On 9/16″ x 18
Durango 1998-2003 1/2″ x 20
Durango 2004-On 9/16″ x 18
Pickup 1971-1993 1/2″ x 20
Pickup 2002-On 9/16″ x 18
Pickup 1500 1994-2001 1/2″ x 20
Pickup 1500 2002-On 9/16″ x 18
Pickup 2500 & 3500 1994-On 9/16″ x 18
Raider 1987-1989 12mm x 1.5
Ram Charger 1971-1992 1/2″ x 20
Ram 50, Dodge 4WD Pickup 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
SRT-10 2004-On 9/16″ x 18
Sprinter Wagon 2004-On 14mm x 1.5
Van 1971-2003 1/2″ x 20
Van 2500 & 3500 1994-2003 9/16″ x 18
Eagle Years Size
All 1988-On 12mm x 1.5
Ferrari Years Size
360 Challenge 2004-2005 14mm x 1.5
612 2004-2011 14mm x 1.5
California 2009-On 14mm x 1.5
F430 2005-2009 14mm x 1.5
Italia 2010-2015 14mm x 1.5
Modena 2000-2005 14mm x 1.5
Spider 2012-2015 14mm x 1.5
FIAT (Cars) Years Size
500 Series 2012-2018 12mm x 1.25
500L 2014-On 12mm x 1.25
500X 2016-On 12mm x 1.25
Abarth 2012-2017 12mm x 1.25
Ford (Cars) Years Size
Aspire 1995-1997 12mm x 1.5
Contour 1995-2001 12mm X 1.5
Courier 1977-1983 12mm x 1.5
Crown Victoria, LTD 1960-On 1/2″ x 20
Custom All 1/2″ x 20
Edge 2007-On 1/2″ x 20
Escort, EXP 1981-1983 1/2″ x 20
Escort, EXP, Festiva, ZX2 1984-On 12mm x 1.5
Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, Futura All 1/2″ x 20
Fiesta 1977-On 12mm x 1.5
Five Hundred 2005-On 1/2″ x 20
Focus 2000-On 12mm x 1.5
Fusion 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Galaxie, Granada All 1/2″ x 20
Maverick All 1/2″ x 20
Mustang 1965-On 1/2″ x 20
Pinto All 1/2″ x 20
Probe 1988-2008 12mm x 1.5
Tempo 1984-1994 12mm x 1.5
Taurus 1986-2007 12mm x 1.5
Taurus 2008-On 1/2″ x 20
Thunderbird 1955-1988 1/2″ x 20
Thunderbird 1989-On 12mm x 1.5
Torino All 1/2″ x 20
Transit Connect 2010-On 12mm x 1.5
Ford (Trucks & SUVs) Years Size
Aerostar 1986-1997 1/2″ x 20
Bronco, Club Wagon, F-100 All 1/2″ x 20
Courier 1977-1983 12mm x 1.5
Escape 2001-On 12mm x 1.5
Excursion 2000-2002 14mm x 2
Excursion 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
Expedition 1997-1999 12mm x 1.75
Expedition 2000-On 14mm x 2
Explorer 1991-On 1/2″ x 20
Flex 2009-On 1/2″ x 20
Freestar 2004-On 1/2″ x 20
Freestyle 2005-On 1/2″ x 20
F-150 1960-1996 1/2″ x 20
F-150 1997-1999 12mm x 1.75
F-150 2000-On 14mm x 2
F-250 1981-1996 1/2″ x 20
F-250 1997-1999 12mm x 1.75
F-250 2000-2002 14mm x 2
F-250 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
F-350 1981-1996 9/16″ x 18
F-350, F-450, F-550 1997-2002 14mm x 2
F-350, F-450, F-550 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
Ranchero All 1/2″ x 20
Ranger 1983-On 1/2″ x 20
Van (E50, E100, E200) All 1/2″ x 20
Van (E250, E350) All 9/16″ x 18
Windstar 1994-2003 12mm x 1.5
Genesis Years Size
G70 2019-On 12mm x 1.5
G80 2017-On 12mm x 1.5
G90 2017-On 12mm x 1.5
Honda Years Size
All 1976-1980 12mm x 1.5
All (except below) 1980-On 12mm x 1.5
Odyssey, Ridgeline 2005-On 14mm x 1.5
Pilot 2009-On 14mm x 1.5
Hummer Years Size
Hummer 2 2005-2008 14mm x 1.5
Hummer 3 2006-210 12mm x 1.5
Hyundai Years Size
All 12mm x 1.5
Infiniti Years Size
All 12mm x 1.25
Isuzu Years Size
All 12mm x 1.5
Jaguar Years Size
All (except below 1976-On ½” x 20
S Type, X Type, XJ 1999-On 12mm x 1.5
XF Type 2008-On 12mm x 1.5
Jeep Years Size
All (5-lug) 1/2″ x 20
All (6-lug) 7/16″ x 20
All (8-lug) 1/2″ x 20
Commander 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Compass, Patriot 2007-On 12mm x 1.5
KIA Years Size
All (except below) 14mm x 1.5
Rio 2001-2002 12mm x 1.5
Lamborghini Years Size
Gallardo 2006-2014 14mm x 1.5
Huracan 2015-On 14mm x 1.5
Land Rover Years Size
All (except below) 14mm x 1.5
Freelander 2002-2005 12mm x 1.5
Lexus Years Size
All (except below) 1990-On 12mm x 1.5
GX470 2004-On 14mm x 1.5
LS460, LS460L 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
LS600HL 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
LX470 1999-2003 14mm x 1.5
LX570 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
Lincoln Years Size
Aviator, Town Car All 1/2″ x 20
Blackwood 2002-2003 14mm x 2
Continental 1939-1987 1/2″ x 20
Continental 1988-2002 12mm x 1.5
LS 2000-2006 12mm x 1.5
Mark 1967-1992 1/2″ x 20
Mark LT 2006-On 14mm x 2
Mark VIII 1993-1998 12mm x 1.5
MKS 2009-On 1/2″ x 20
MKX 2007-On 1/2″ x 20
MKZ 2007-On 12mm x 1.5
Navigator 1997-1999 12mm x 1.75
Navigator 2000-On 14mm x 2
Zephyr 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Lotus Years Size
Elise 2006-2011 12mm x 1.5
Evora 2010-2014 12mm x 1.5
Exige 2006-2011 12mm x 1.5
Maserati Years Size
Ghibli 2016-On 14mm x 1.5
Gran Turismo 2008-2016 14mm x 1.5
Quattroporte 2006-On 14mm x 1.5
Mazda Years Size
All (except below) All 12mm x 1.5
B2300, B2500, B3000, B4000 1993-On 1/2″ x 20
Navajo 1993-On 1/2″ x 20
Mercedes-Benz Years Size
All (except below) All 12mm x 1.5
500 SEL 1992-On 14mm x 1.5
C Class 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
CL Class 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
CLS Class 2006-On 14mm x 1.5
G Class 2002-On 14mm x 1.5
GL Class 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
GLK Class 2010-On 12mm x 1.5
E Class 2002-On 14mm x 1.5
M Class 1998-On 14mm x 1.5
R Class 2006-On 14mm x 1.5
S Class, SL Class 2001-On 14mm x 1.5
Mercury Years Size
Bobcat 1975-1981 1/2″ x 20
Capri 1979-1990 1/2″ x 20
Capri 1991-1994 12mm x 1.5
Cornet 1963-1980 1/2″ x 20
Cougar 1967-1988 1/2″ x 20
Cougar 1989-2002 12mm x 1.5
Cyclone 1963-1987 1/2″ x 20
Grand Marquis 1979-On 1/2″ x 20
LN7, Lynx 1981-1983 1/2″ x 20
LN7, Lynx 1983-1987 12mm x 1.5
Marauder 2003-2004 1/2″ x 20
Mariner 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Marquis 1967-1990 1/2″ x 20
Milan 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
Montego 1968-On 1/2″ x 20
Monterey 2004-2006 1/2″ x 20
Mountaineer 1977-On 1/2″ x 20
Mystique All 12mm x 1.5
Sable 1986-2005 12mm x 1.5
Sable 2008-On 1/2″ x 20
Topaz All 12mm x 1.5
Tracer All 12mm x 1.5
Villager 1993-2003 12mm x 1.25
Merkur Years Size
All 12mm x 1.25
MINI Years Size
Cooper, Cooper S 2002-2006 12mm x 1.5
All 2007-On 14mm x 1.25
MG Years Size
All 1/2″ x 20
Mitsubishi Years Size
All (except below) 12mm x 1.5
Raider 2006-On 9/16″ x 18
Nissan/Datsun Years Size
All (except below) 1972-On 12mm x 1.25
1600, 2000 1965-1971 7/16″ x 20
Oldsmobile Years Size
All (except below) 12mm x 1.5
98 1960-1984 1/2″ x 20
Bravada 2002-2004 14mm x 1.5
Custom Cruiser 1981-1990 1/2″ x 20
Custom Cruiser 1991-1995 12mm x 1.5
Cutlass, F85 1964-1981 7/16″ x 20
Cutlass 1982-1999 1/2″ x 20
Delta 88 1977-1985 7/16″ x 20
Delta 88 (station wagon, V8) 1977-1985 1/2″ x 20
Delta 88 1986-On 12mm x 1.5
Tornado 1966-1978 1/2″ x 20
Tornado 1979-1996 12mm x 1.5
Peugeot Years Size
All 12mm x 1.25
Plymouth Years Size
All (except below) 12mm x 1.5
Barracuda (w/ disc brakes) 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Barracuda (w/o disc brakes) 1971-1976 7/16″ x 20
Belvedere 1971-1976 1/2″ x 20
Duster 1973-1980 1/2″ x 20
Duster, Dart 1963-1974 7/16″ x 20
Fury, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite 1971-1989 1/2″ x 20
Trailduster, Van 1976-1988 1/2″ x 20
Valiant 1971-1976 7/16″ or 1/2″
Voyager 1984-On 12mm x 1.5
Voyager 4×4 1974-1983 1/2″ x 20
Pontiac Years Size
All (except below) 12mm x 1.5
Bonneville, Catalina 1960-1976 1/2″ x 20
Bonneville, Catalina 1977-1981 7/16″ x 20
Bonneville (station wagon, V8) 1977-1981 1/2″ x 20
Bonneville 1982-2005 12mm x 1.5
Firebird 1967-1981 7/16″ x 20
Firebird 1982-2002 12mm x 1.5
G8 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
Grand Am, Grand Prix 1969-1981 7/16″ x 20
Grand Am 1985-2005 12mm x 1.5
Grand Prix 1982-On 12mm x 1.5
Lemans, Tempest 1964-1981 7/16″ x 20
Porsche Years Size
All (except below) 1965-1997 14mm x 1.5
911, 914, 924 1997-On 14mm x 1.5
Cayman, Cayman S 1997-On 14mm x 1.5
Cayenne 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
Renault Years Size
Alliance, Encore, Medallion All 12mm x 1.5
SAAB Years Size
9-2X 2005-On 12mm x 1.25
9-7X 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
900, 900 Turbo 1979-1987 1/2″ x 20
900, 900 Turbo 1988-1993 14mm x 1.5
900, 9-3, 9-5 1994-On 12mm x 1.5
9000 1986-On 14mm x 1.5
Saturn Years Size
All (except below) 1991-On 12mm x 1.5
LS 1999-2004 12mm x 1.5
Outlook 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
Scion Years Size
All 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
SMART Years Size
Fortwo 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Sterling Years Size
All 12mm x 1.5
Subaru Years Size
All 12mm x 1.25
Suzuki Years Size
All (except below) All 12mm x 1.25
Forenza, Verona 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
Reno 2005-On 12mm x 1.5
Swift 1995-2001 12mm x 1.25
Swift 2004-On 12mm x 1.5
Tesla Years Size
Model S 2012-On 14mm x 1.5
Roadster 2008-2012 12mm x 1.5
Toyota Years Size
All (except below) 12mm x 1.5
Land Cruiser 1998-On 14mm x 1.5
Sequoia 2008-On 14mm x 1.5
Tundra 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
Volkswagen Years Size
All (except below) All 12mm x 1.5
Beetle 1968-On 14mm x 1.5
Eos 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
Eurovan MV 1993-1996 14mm x 1.5
Golf, GTI 1999-On 14mm x 1.5
Jetta 1981-1998 12mm x 1.5
Jetta VR6 1993-2005 14mm x 1.5
Jetta 1999-On 14mm x 1.5
Passat 1990-1997 12mm x 1.5
Passat VR6 1992-1997 14mm x 1.5
Passat 1998-On 14mm x 1.5
Phaeton 2004-2005 14mm x 1.5
Rabbit 2007-On 14mm x 1.5
Routan 2009-On 12mm x 1.5
Sedan (4-lug) 1968-1979 14mm x 1.5
Tiguan 2009-On 14mm x 1.5
Touareg 2003-On 14mm x 1.5
Transporter Van 1968-1979 14mm x 1.5
DL-240 1976-1986 1/2″ x 20
DL-240 1987-On 12mm x 1.5
740, 760, 780, 940 All 12mm x 1.5
850, 880, 960 All 12mm x 1.75
SC70 All 14mm x 1.5
C30 2007-On 12mm x 1.5
C70 1993-2004 12mm x 1.75
C70 2005 14mm x 1.5
C70 2006-On 12mm x 1.5
S40, V40, V50 2000-On 12mm x 1.5
S60 1993-On 14mm x 1.5
S70 All 12mm x 1.75
S80 2000-On 14mm x 1.5
S90, V90 1984-2003 12mm x 1.5
V70 1993-1999 12mm x 1.75
V70 2000-On 14mm x 1.5
V70 Cross Country All 12mm x 1.75
XC60, XC70, XC90 2000-On 14mm x 1.5

Keep in mind that we have tried to keep the information as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of this information. It’s best to look into the owner’s manual before making a decision.

Title: Lug Nut and Wheel Lock: Facts to Know

  1. Five components are essential to identifying the correct lug nut or wheel lock, including Thread Size, Thread Pitch, Seat Type, Length/Dimensions, and Finish/Color.
  2. Wheel studs are the threaded bolts protruding through the holes in wheels onto which lug nuts are threaded, and most vehicles have four or five wheel studs per wheel.
  3. Thread size is the measurement taken across the outside diameter of wheel stud threads measured in either standard or metric dimensions, with common sizes including 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, and 5/8″.
  4. Thread pitch is the measurement of either thread per inch for non-metric studs or the distance in millimeters between threads for metric applications.
  5. To identify the proper thread pitch, a tool is necessary, which can identify the original thread pitch that was on the vehicle from the factory.
  6. The seat type refers to the area where the lug nut actually makes contact with the wheel surface, with the most common types being acorn/tapered seat, mag seat, or ball seat.
  7. It is critical to confirm the dimensions of your lug nut or wheel lock, which include the outside diameter, overall length, shank diameter, and shank depth.
  8. Lug nuts and locks come in a variety of finishes and colors, including chrome plated, black chrome, stainless steel, zinc, yellow chromate, silver, red, and blue.
  9. Lug nut sizes adhere to ISO standard and UN-series types, including M12 x 1.25, M12 x 1.5, M12 x 1.75, M14 x 1.25, M14 x 1.5, M14 x 2.0, M16 x 1.5, M16 x 2.0, 3/8″ – 24 UNF, 7/16″ – 20 UNF, 1/2″ – 20 UNF, and 9/16″ – 18 UNF.
  10. Factory stud sizes can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual, or online guides can be used to identify them.

Lug Nut Size: In Conclusion…

Lug nut size varies because they serve different vehicles. They are not universal but understanding what works for your car isn’t difficult. If the wheels aren’t attached to your car well enough, you are setting yourself up for an unwanted accident. Pay attention to lug nuts safety!

Lug Nut Size: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some popular FAQs:

What Do The Numbers On Lug Nuts Denote?

Lugs in the US specify TPI or threads per inch, usually called thread count. 20 represents 20 threads in one inch whereas metric lugs denote a particular thread pitch – the distance between the threads. Thus, a 2-pitch has 2 millimeters between the threads.

Which Way Are Lug Nuts Turned?

Line up the holes with the bolts and place the spare tire onto the vehicle’s wheel. Position the lug nuts over the bolts and twist them in a clockwise manner. Once the lug nuts have been tightened by hand, make sure the lug nuts are properly secured by using a lug wrench.

Are Lug Nuts Tightened Clockwise?

To fasten the lug nuts, they have to be turned in a clockwise direction with a lug wrench. Having said that, ideally, a torque wrench would be used to tighten the nuts. The lug nuts would be fastened to their ft-lbs measurement which you can find in your owner’s manual.

It’s essential to ensure that the lug nut is properly torqued to the given specification. An overtightened lug nut puts pressure on both the stud and the nut, exhausting it out faster and possibly causing failure.

How Do You Loosen A Lug Nut?

There are a few things you can do to loosen the tight lug nut before rotating it:

  • A rust blaster or lubricant. Keep it wet and allow it time to work.
  • Heat cycling. Gently heat the lug nut and allow it to cool. Repeat.
  • Shocks and vibrations. Put a wrench around the nut. You don’t necessarily have to hit the nut super hard or over and over again for it to work.

How Do You Lubricate Lug Nuts?

There are two kinds of people when it comes to lubricating lug nuts. One section swears by using some kind of anti-seize on the nut threads while the other would never put it close to their vehicle. The anti-seize can be WD-40, Teflon spray, motor oil, or lithium grease. The point is to prevent rust, making it easier to remove the lugs when needed.

What Is Correct Lug Nut Engagement?

Thread engagement defines how many contacts the stud and lug nut are in. For your and other people’s safety, the correct thread engagement has to be maintained. In case of failure, an extended thread lug nut may be required. When an ET lug nut is being installed, you must make sure the holes in the wheel are large enough to fit the ET lug nut. The wheel cannot be secured properly if the lug nut is not long enough to hold the threads. 

Outer Diameter Of Lug Nut

Being aware of the diameter of lug nuts is a necessity. Some lug nuts come with a hex nut shape specifically designed for a variety of normal sockets. Others feature a spline-like shape needing a special key. Locking lug nuts are available too. Those need a serial-numbered lug key to be installed/removed.

If you buy aftermarket lug nuts, ensure that you also have the hardware needed to install/remove them. Consider investing in a universal tire iron. Small-diameter lug nuts are usually used on aftermarket wheels and need an adapter for removal/installation. Keep in mind that this adapter might be a different size than the OE lug head diameter.

Are Lug Nuts Universal?

No, lug nuts aren’t universal, but this is a common mistake made by car owners. Similar to any kind of fastener, nuts (or lug bolts) have some differences which are often desired by one automobile maker or another. Thus, your choice of the vehicle plays a big role in determining which lug nut the wheels will come with.

What Are Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are specialized lug nuts designed to prevent wheel theft. These locks require a unique key or pattern for removal, unlike standard lug nuts that can be removed with a regular socket or wrench. Each set of wheel locks typically comes with its unique key, ensuring that only the car owner or someone with the key can easily remove the wheels. They’re a great addition to cars with expensive rims or tires as they provide an extra layer of security.

What Size Socket for Lug Nuts

The size of the socket needed for lug nuts varies depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Common sizes include 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 22mm, but there are other sizes too. It’s crucial to check your vehicle’s manual or consult with a mechanic to determine the correct size for your specific vehicle. Using the right size ensures safe and effective removal and tightening.

How Much Torque for Lug Nuts

The appropriate torque for lug nuts depends on the vehicle’s specifications. However, typical values range from 80 to 100 foot pounds for most passenger cars. For trucks and larger vehicles, the torque can be higher. It’s essential to refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to get accurate torque specs. Using the correct torque ensures that the wheel is securely attached without damaging the studs or wheel.

How to Remove a Stripped Lug Nut Without Tools

Removing a stripped lug nut without tools can be challenging. One method is to use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. Place the screwdriver in the stripped groove and tap it with the hammer to create a new groove. Then, try turning the lug nut with the screwdriver. Alternatively, you can use a rubber mallet to hit the lug nut from different angles to loosen it. If these methods fail, it might be best to seek professional assistance.

How to Tighten Lug Nuts

Tightening lug nuts is a systematic process. Start by hand-tightening each nut to ensure they’re properly threaded. Next, use a torque wrench and tighten each lug nut in a crisscross or star pattern. This ensures even pressure and alignment. Continue the process until all lug nuts are tightened to the recommended torque. It’s essential to periodically check and retighten lug nuts, especially after changing or rotating tires.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Lug Nuts Replaced

The cost of replacing lug nuts can vary based on the type, quality, and location. Basic lug nuts might cost a few dollars each, while specialized or branded ones can be more expensive. Including labor, a typical replacement at a service center might range from $30 to $100, depending on how many need replacement and the labor rates of the shop. Always get an estimate before proceeding with any replacements.

Do Lug Nuts Swell

Yes, some lug nuts, especially those with a steel core and chrome or aluminum cap, can swell. This swelling often happens due to moisture getting trapped between the core and the cap, causing the outer shell to expand. This can make it difficult to fit the correct socket size, and the lug nut might need to be replaced.

How Many Lug Nuts Are on a Standard Car Wheel

A standard car wheel typically has four, five, or six-lug nuts. However, the exact number can vary based on the vehicle’s make and model. Larger vehicles, like trucks or SUVs, might have more lug nuts, while compact cars usually have fewer.

How to Measure Lug Nut Pattern

To measure the lug nut pattern, you’ll need to determine the number of lug nuts and the diameter of the circle they form. For a four-lug wheel, measure the distance between the centers of opposite lug nuts. For a five-lug wheel, measure from the back of one hole to the center of the second hole skipping one hole. This will give you the bolt circle diameter. The lug nut pattern is typically described as the number of lug nuts followed by the bolt circle diameter, for example, 5×112.

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes on Wheels

The spikes on truck wheels, often called lug nut covers or spike lug nut covers, are primarily decorative and give the truck a more aggressive or distinctive look. Some truck owners believe they add to the overall aesthetic and make the truck stand out. Additionally, they can offer minimal protection to the lug nuts from dirt and debris, though their primary function is decorative.

What Size Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts

For most passenger cars and light trucks, a 1/2-inch drive impact wrench should be sufficient to remove and tighten lug nuts. This size can typically deliver between 200 to 600-foot pounds of torque, which is more than adequate for most lug nuts. If working on larger commercial trucks or heavy equipment, a more powerful impact wrench might be required.

How Long Can You Drive with a Missing Lug Nut

Driving with a missing lug nut can put extra stress on the remaining lug nuts and the wheel itself. While it might not cause immediate harm, it’s not advisable to drive long distances or at high speeds with a missing lug nut. The wheel’s balance and integrity could be compromised, leading to uneven wear or, in extreme cases, the wheel coming off. If you notice a missing lug nut, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible.

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