Polaris Slingshot Price – What Does It Cost In 2021?

by Conner Mckay

There is a specific feeling that a motorcycle offers as you speed through the paved roads that cars cannot. The way you are exposed and the adrenaline rush that you get when the wind slams into your face, is a thrill to experience. The Polaris Slingshot is something that brings the best of both worlds. But can everyone afford it, what’s the Polaris Slingshot price?

True, a motorcycle offers a joyful ride, but it also lacks safety features. The Polaris Slingshot acts as a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle. The three-wheeler offers the stability and added safety that a motorcycle doesn’t. At the same time, it also gives the thrill of a bike ride.

If you have seen or actually driven a Polaris Slingshot you would know that it is a blast to drive. And it has almost all the luxuries that are offered in a car. The Slingshot has been on the road ever since 2014. 2020 was the year it went to the next step with a bunch of cool features and performance upgrades.

Let us look into the Polaris Slingshot a little deeper along with the Polaris Slingshot price.

Brief History Of Three-Wheelers

Three-wheelers are a different way to stoke your passions for all things motorcycle. A three-wheeler looks and drives differently from a motorcycle but still has a lot in common. The three-wheelers that we see today have come a long way from the trikes of the past. To get an idea of what the future holds we need to understand the evolution of three-wheelers.

Three-wheeler bikes are almost as old as any other automobile. They have seemingly been forever. This makes sense as they are present somewhere between cars and motorcycles. While these three-wheel bikes have a wide fan base, they have never been as popular as their purebred cousins. Nor do they fit into the ATV category.

Initially, the three-wheeler was used as a vehicle for the service sector. These were well caught after for their carrying potential, as well as their speed. Traffic doesn’t bother them much either. These bikes were eventually employed for military purposes as well.

When it comes to these three-wheelers there is no specific design. While the Polaris Slingshot has two wheels in the front and one in the back, the vise versa is also seen in a lot of three-wheel bikes. That is one wheel in the front and two in the back.

Modern Three Wheelers

The modern three-wheeler like the Polaris Slingshot started out as a mainstream vehicle around 2007. This is when three-wheelers eventually started out to be performance vehicles. The aggressive look and the immense power that was attached to this relatively light frame attracted a lot of customers.

This time it was not intended to be a machine of service. Instead this time it was all about the pleasure of riding. While the modern three-wheelers do have some qualities inherited from the three-wheelers of the past, at this age three-wheelers have a completely different meaning.

History Of The Slingshot

The idea of the Polaris Slingshot was first introduced in 2010, by a team of engineers. The prototype was designed to look and feel different. The new concept didn’t receive immediate approval. This led to a delay in production. The first Polaris Slingshot was produced in 2015, and today has evolved into many different models and trims.

At the time it was released in 2015, the Slingshot did not get much of a positive review. The 5-speed manual transmission along with many other faults made this impractical and not something that is a joy to ride. Since its inception in 2015, the Slingshot has made a lot of progress in the positive direction in order to present us with a ride in 2021 which actually worth giving a thought to.

The automatic gearbox that was released in 2020 made matters much better for the Polaris. They supposedly doubled sales with this new upgrade. There aren’t many three-wheelers that offer as many creature comforts. This is one of the features that sets the Polaris Slingshot apart from its competition.

What Do You Get By Paying The Polaris Slingshot Price

The Polaris Slingshot is a machine that consists of a front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, and a paddle shifter. As mentioned earlier the Slingshot is a cross between a car and a motorcycle. But with the technology and the luxuries associated with this machine, it is safe to say that this is more inclined to be a car.

The interior of the ride has almost all the features that you get in a car. It comes with a new Rockford Fosgate audio system and you also get Apple CarPlay connectivity. The interior of the Slingshot is more like a cockpit than a traditional interior. While you cannot get these features in a motorcycle you can certainly get them with the Polaris Slingshot.

Now let us tap into the performance aspect of this machine. Until 2021 was equipped with a GM-sourced 2.4L EcoTec engine. In 2021 they replaced this with a ProStar 2L inline-4 motor. According to the trim you purchase and the optional tuning, you can up to 203 horsepower out of this engine.

When it comes to the transmission you can choose between either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. The popular paddle shifter comes as an option for the automatic gearbox.

1. Performance Stats

Let us get to the all-important performance stats. The best way to describe the slingshot with one word will be ‘Fast’. The official top speed of the Polaris Slingshot is 130 mph. The 0-60 in this clocks in at 4.7 seconds. While the official top speed is 130 mph, most owners maxed out their Slingshot engines at around 125 mph.

Still, 125 mph is a very high speed and you would be breaking the speed limit at any public road in the US. You also have to remember that the Slingshot only weighs 1650 pounds. So this is the absolute maximum speed that you can get out of the ride before turning it into a safety hazard.

2. Fuel Economy

Fuel economy also plays a crucial role when you are looking to purchase a vehicle. The Slingshot gets around 30 – 31 mpg. The fuel economy of the Slingshot varies drastically along with the way you drive. While you can get 30 or more miles per gallon if you drive conservatively, an aggressive driver will only be able to get around 25 – 26 mpg.

A common complaint about the Slingshot is that the computer system displays inaccurate fuel numbers. Many owners have confirmed this issue. So there is no exact method to find out the fuel efficiency of a Slingshot if you own one. The best option is to keep track of your fuel consumption manually.

3. Safety Features

The main reason for someone to choose a three-wheeler such as the Polaris Slingshot over a regular bike is definitely the safety features. A bike itself is not the safest thing to speed down the road. So, what about the Polaris, is it safer to than a bike?

When talking about the safety of a Polaris, the same can be said, it is something between both. It is not as safe as a car, but it is safer than a motorcycle.

The Slingshot is equipped with a seat belt. So you will not get thrown to a side during a crash. That is a huge step up from a motorcycle. Along with the seatbelts it also has a roll cage which will also significantly decrease the damage in case of a crash.

Along with these safety features, the design of the slingshot also allows you to have better control rather than riding a bike. Obviously, the extra wheel provides better stability. With that, you also have a lowered center of gravity. This further reduces the chance of toppling.

Keep in mind, this is not a car. This is registered and licensed as a motorcycle. This means the Slingshot does not need to meet any safety requirements that a car requires. So you do not get any airbags which increase the chance of injuring yourself.

Polaris Slingshot Price Variations

The million-dollar question, what is the Polaris Slingshot price? A brand new Polaris Slingshot price can vary from $19,000 to more than $35,000.

Brand New Polaris Slingshot

If you are looking to buy a brand new 2021 Polaris Slingshot the price is a bit on the high end. You can get one for $20,000 but if you are looking for extra options and a better trim you can end up spending $35,000.

The 2021 Polaris is offered in both automatic and manual transmission. Even though the automatic transmission is slightly more expensive than the manual trim, it is advised to buy an automatic over a manual. You can choose between S, SL, R, and R Limited Edition trims. All of these come packed with a variety of different customization options.

Even if you decide to buy an older Slingshot, the price does not differ much, as long as it is brand new. And with the Slingshot, it gets better with time. So if you are looking to buy a brand-new Polaris Slingshot it is best to commit to a newer version.

Used Polaris Slingshot

Unlike the used car market, the used Slingshot market is completely different. You rarely find a Slingshot with over 25,000 miles for sale. Most Slingshots that are for sale have less than 10,000 miles on their motor.

Since these vehicles aren’t used a lot, you will not find a drastic decrease in price. With a normal car, you will see it lose 1 out of 3 of its value in 3 years. You don’t see this happening with the Slingshot.

That doesn’t mean the Slingshot retains all its value, even after it is used. If you decide to buy a used Slingshot over a brand new Slingshot you will certainly get a lower Polaris Slingshot price tag.

For example, even if you purchase a Slingshot that was made in 2017 or 2018 you will still end up paying over $20,000. But with lower mileage, you do not need to worry a lot about reliability. You will be able to get a used one for around $5,000 cheaper than a brand new Polaris.

The only drawback to buying a used Polaris is the lack of customization. You will not be able to choose the extra features that you were planning to get. Other than that there aren’t many drawbacks to buying a used Slingshot.

Which Polaris Slingshot Trim Should You Buy

In the case of the Polaris Slingshot, the performance doesn’t change a lot with the trim you choose. It is a common misconception that one model could be faster than the other with the Slingshot. In reality, the performance of all the trims is almost similar.

The main difference between trims is cosmetic. With advanced trims, you would get cooler paint jobs, stylish body kits, luxurious interior and more elaborated gadgets, and a few other things.

The only difference that you will see in the performance comes with the suspension. Pricier trims do consist of a slightly better suspension, which increases the handling and the stability of the Slingshot. This is especially true when driving at high speeds. But when it comes to top speed, the trim doesn’t have an effect on it.

Is The Polaris Slingshot Worth The Price

When you are paying upwards of $20,000 for a vehicle, especially something that is out of the ordinary, you need to know whether it is worth the price that you will be paying.

Whether the Polaris is worth the price tag, depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

It Is Not A Car

If you are looking for a daily driver, this is not the best choice for you. For the price, you are paying for the Slingshot you can easily purchase a decent car. If you intend to use this instead of or as your car you will be disappointed.

You do get a lot of room inside the cockpit of an interior inside the Slingshot. Therefore comfort is not something you have to worry about. In that department, it is just as capable of delivering the same experience that a car could.

But you do not get the room required for other needs that you might have. The seats are limited to 2. So you can drive this one person beside you, but you won’t be able to manage a group. Also, you do not get a lot of trunk space. There is a storage space behind each seat, but that does not provide much room. You will be able to store your helmet and a couple more accessories, but this will fill up that space.

So if you are looking for a vehicle to drive to work, a Polaris Slingshot is not the best option. Other than the storage, you also need to carry your safety gear everywhere you go.

It Is Not A Motorcycle

While it is not a car, it is not a motorcycle either. If you are buying the Slingshot for the thrill of riding it, a bike will better suit your purposes. For the price tag of $20,000, you can buy a top-of-the-line sports bike.

A 1000cc sports bike will cost cheaper than a Polaris Slingshot, and you will be able to go much faster. 0-60 will be closer to 3 seconds and you will be able to get to over 200mph. The fuel economy is also much better in a motorcycle than the Polaris Slingshot.

You need to consider, whether you are riding a bike or the Polaris Slingshot, you need to wear safety gear. This includes a helmet along with protective clothing. You do not get the complete package that you get by purchasing a car.

And if you are just considering the pure thrill of riding, a bike will probably serve you better. While the Slingshot gives you the closest experience of riding 100+ mph, it cannot give the complete feeling of joy that you get on a motorcycle.

What The Polaris Offers Over A Motorcycle

Even though a motorcycle offers a few perks that the Slingshot doesn’t, the Slingshot does offer some features that a motorcycle cannot. Obviously, the Slingshot is safer than a motorcycle, but what else does it offer?

For starters, you get an infotainment system. You can listen to your favorite music while you go on a joy ride. There are speakers just behind where your head is positioned. This allows you to listen to some music, with really impressive quality. The speakers are also resistant to anything that the weather throws at you.

If you choose the Slingshot that comes with a roof over the top of your head you will be able to protect yourself from adverse weather. This feature is also important when considering the overall safety of the ride because weather conditions can make it really hard to ride a bike.

Ultimately, if you are buying a Slingshot you have to understand that you will not get a car out of it. It is similar to a motorcycle, but doesn’t;t give you the exact feeling of riding a bike. And for the price tag, you can buy a decent full-sized car or a high-quality sports bike. Depending on what you are looking to get out of it the price tag will prove to be worth it or not.

Competition For The Polaris Slingshot

When it comes to the competition for the Slingshot, there aren’t many competitors in the category of three-wheelers. So it is safe to say that the Polaris Slingshot is one of the best three-wheelers in the market. But there are a few similar machines out there.

First of we have the Vanderhall Venice. The Slingshot is made to look more like a futuristic supercar. It has sleek edges and a piercing knife-like shape which is built to be aerodynamic. The Vanderhall Venice is completely different compared to the Slingshot.

The Venice is stylistically retro. It is more like a classic three-wheeler than a three-wheeler for the future. It comes with a base price of $26,000 and climbs up to the $40,000 mark. For the price, you get a 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder which is capable of delivering 194 horsepower. You only have the option of choosing a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Another three-wheeler option is the Campagna T-Rex. This is like a Slingshot dialed up a couple of notches. This is built for speed. The aerodynamic design opposed to the futuristic design of the Slingshot further assists their hunt for speed. The T-Rex features a fast-shifting six-speed sequential transmission. It is also significantly lighter compared to the Slingshot. Weighing under 1000 pounds, it further adds to the top speed.

This comes with a 208 horsepower engine and chain-driven rear wheels. Wait till you hear the price tag. This is way more expensive than the Slingshot seeing as it costs $65,999. But it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 3.92 seconds and its top speed is 144 mph.

Autocycle Fun Facts: 10 Things to Know About the Polaris Slingshot SL

  1. The Polaris Slingshot SL is an autocycle that combines automobile and motorcycle features, with controls and seating that are car-like, and a big wheel and low-sitting design like a motorcycle.
  2. The Slingshot SL has a 7.0-inch display with Ride Command, an enhanced audio system, and a backup camera, and is more affordable than the higher-end Slingshot R models.
  3. The Slingshots are new-ish, and have a recalibrated AutoDrive system for more rapid shifting, as well as steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, hill hold feature, Rockford Fosgate sound systems, and Apple CarPlay.
  4. The Slingshot SL has a go-kart vibe that’s hard to miss and is designed for fun, with great maneuverability and open-air access.
  5. The vehicle is not intended to be one’s primary vehicle, but instead for fun and leisure.
  6. The Slingshot SL has independent suspension, which can make bumps in the road more noticeable.
  7. The Slingshot SL is not suitable for all states and may require a full-face helmet and a motorcycle license to operate in some areas.
  8. The storage area behind the seats is ample enough to stash a helmet, bag, and other road trip accessories, and the drainage system is effective.
  9. The entry-level manual Slingshot S starts at $19,999, while the Slingshot SL automatic starts at $26,699.
  10. The Slingshot SL is a conversation starter and is likely to get a lot of attention, but its design is not for those who want to keep a low profile.

Conclusion – Polaris Slingshot Price

Eventually, if you think about it the Polaris comes with a hefty price tag. But it is still something that is a blast to drive. You rarely see man and machine become one, with the Slingshot that is exactly what you get.

Keep your expectations fair when you purchase the Slingshot. It is not a car. You do not get the safety features of a car, a proper roof to keep you dry, or enough room to load your luggage. It is a toy that costs $20,000 and not something that you want to drive to work in.

The Polaris is also safer than a motorcycle. It gives you much more stability while still giving you the raw experience of riding a bike.

The ultimate question is whether it is worth the price. Ask yourself on what you expect out of this $20,000 toy. Depending on the answer you could make a decision rather than regretting the purchase a bit too late.

In the world of three-wheelers, the Polaris is one of the best and also the cheapest option out there.

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