Where Can I Get A Spoiler Installed: Best Places For An Installation

by Conner Mckay

Whether you want to improve your car’s looks or would like to maximize your track car’s aero, installing a rear spoiler is one of the best things you can do. But, where can I get a spoiler installed for my car?

Normally, I’d personally encourage folks to consider buying a spoiler for their car and installing it DIY-style, by themselves. Although, I do understand why you would prefer a professional installation, instead.

In that case, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of places where you can get a rear spoiler or wing installed on your car. These can include body shops, aftermarket tuners, your local mechanic, and elsewhere.

You could even have a rear spoiler installed at a car dealership; if the rear spoiler is offered as an optional extra. Otherwise, most car customization specialists and shops also have the expertise to install one.

Where Can I Get A Spoiler Installed

Normally, when it comes to installing a spoiler on your car, automotive customization shops are your best bet. These specialized shops have the expertise and equipment necessary for a proper installation.

However, there are plenty of other places that you can check out if you need a rear spoiler installed. It’s crucial to consider, beforehand, factors like other customers’ reviews and their technicians’ expertise.

Here are just some of the most popular places and locations where I normally refer to when folks want to get a rear spoiler installed:

  1. Automotive Customization Shops – Specialized in custom car modifications, these shops are equipped to handle spoiler installations with precision and skill.
  2. Body Shops – Known for their expertise in car bodywork, body shops can ensure a seamless integration of the spoiler with your car’s existing structure.
  3. Performance Tuner Shops – These shops focus on enhancing car performance and aesthetics, making them a suitable choice for spoiler installations.
  4. Local Mechanic Shops – Some generalized mechanic shops and workshops might offer spoiler installation services, especially those familiar with aftermarket modifications.
  5. Car Dealerships – Certain dealerships might offer spoiler installation as a part of their after-sales service, particularly for car models where a rear spoiler is an optional, dealer-fit accessory.

How Much Does A Spoiler Cost

Where Can I Get A Spoiler Installed

But, before you go and have a rear spoiler installed, make sure you shop around and ask them for quotes on the cost. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask, once you’ve figured out where can I get a spoiler installed.

With that in mind, it’s worth bearing in mind that the cost of installing a rear spoiler on your car can and will vary. There are numerous factors to account for, such as the design and construction of the spoiler.

Thus, to give you a rough idea of how much installing a rear spoiler, here’s a rough average:

  • Average Installation Cost: The average cost for spoiler installation is about $250 to $350. This will usually include around $100 to $150 for labor, and another $150 to $200 for painting.
  • Total Spoiler Cost: The overall cost, including the spoiler itself, is around $500 to $600 for most new cars. However, this can be (much) higher for luxury and exotic cars.
  • Cost Range: The cost of spoiler installation can vary widely. This ranges from as low as just $50 to more than $1,000, depending on various factors like the car type and the spoiler’s complexity.
  • Spoiler Cost Alone: The average price for just the spoiler part is about $100. But, this can vary significantly based on the source (new, aftermarket, salvage yard, etc.). Not to mention, higher-spec rear spoilers that are made of carbon fiber, or those that have been made by a well-known brand, can easily cost you more than four digits.

Considerations When Installing A Spoiler On Your Car

If you are thinking of installing a spoiler on your car, here are some things you need to consider (whether you’re doing it DIY, or if you’re sending it over to a pro for installation):

  • Cosmetic Or PerformanceNot all rear spoilers or wings are the same. Some are designed clearly for more aesthetic reasons, while others are designed and fine-tuned to optimize for maximal aerodynamics. So, for cars that need optimal aero for track driving, or if your car only needs to look good at car meets… You need to think about it one way or the other before buying one.
  • Material & Construction – The materials used for rear spoilers and rear wings also differ, which can impact the final cost. Most aftermarket rear spoilers that you’ll come across online are usually fiberglass. This is a great material that’s lightweight and strong but won’t break the bank. Otherwise, carbon fiber (more so if it’s dry carbon) is even lighter and stronger, but its high-tech construction is mega-expensive.
  • Installation Process – For a professional installation, the technician will first assess your car. And, the type of spoiler to ensure compatibility. Then, they will prepare the surface, which may include minor modifications to the car’s body. The spoiler is then carefully mounted and secured. This process requires precision to avoid any damage to your car’s body or paint.
  • DIY Installation – While some car owners opt for a DIY rear spoiler install, it’s crucial to also consider the all risks involved. Improper installation or mistakes can readily lead to damage and may even affect your car’s performance. Or, at the very least, the way it looks. If you’re not experienced in car modifications, it’s safer and more reliable to seek professional help.

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